February 2015

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  • 5 Ways to Make Bath Time More Fun for Children

    Many children will put up quite the fight at bath time. Toddlers-preschool aged children in particular frequently lose interest in bathing and would rather have more playtime instead. Unfortunately bathing it not exactly an optional activity, especially with small children who are often prone to get pretty messy. Fortunately, kids at this age are easy […]

  • What to Know Before Designing a Kitchen

    Kitchen design is the hardest part of interior decorating. Here are some things to consider: 1. Kitchens have changed more than any other room of the house in the last generation. If you look at a home built in the 70s, the first thing you’ll notice is that the dining room is the center of […]

  • Organizing Your Sports Equipment in the Garage

    The organization of a garage is key to maintaining a functional space that houses all of your sport equipment, tools, and other forms of miscellaneous items that stay within the exterior regions of the home. Often times, the garage is one of the most neglected parts of a homeowner’s property, yet it can also be […]

  • 6 Ways To Makeover Your Home With Textile Printing

    Home makeovers are a great way to update your home’s interior and give it a fresh look. Whether you decide to do this when your house begins feeling dated, or you’ve decided to put it on the market, a home makeover can take your house from boring to beautiful! Textile printing has given homeowners an […]

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    How Custom Kitchens in Oakville Are Reaching New Extremes

    From banking barons to real estate tycoons, the Toronto suburb of Oakville has become somewhat of a posh playground for Canada’s elite. Driving along Oakville’s waterfront is quite the treat! Majestic mansions with manicured gardens are a common sight on the neighbourhood’s tree-lined streets. The price tags on some of these fancy digs are enough […]

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    So You Want To Be A Contractor

    Saying that you want to be a contractor is probably one of the most vague, general statements you could make about a career. By definition, a contractor works on a project by project basis from a contract. A independent contractor provides services to a company, who is doing work for a homeowner or business or […]

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    Proper Temporary Fixes for Broken Windows

    Being a little handy around the home is useful at times when the repairman you trust isn’t readily available, or when trouble occurs outside working hours. The instructions below should address the majority of issues you might experience with wood windows in your home. Cosmetic Scratches Can Be Repaired For surface only damage, you won’t […]