5 Unique Finishing Touches to Add to Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home, whether a major overhaul or something more modest, comes down to the details. A total remodel will remain incomplete without the right finishing touches. On a smaller scale, tired rooms with outdated decor can feel fresh again with the addition of creative accents. Hardware A simple change of hardware such as doorknobs […]

3 Areas of Your Home that Could Use a Spruce

Deep cleaning a home usually involves vacuuming the carpets and washing the floors, baseboards and windows in a routine that occurs a few times a year. However, there are those spaces in our home that desperately need touch ups that we have probably been neglecting for years now. Here are three ideas to help “spruce” […]

Moving Soon? 5 Things to Remember Before Loading the Moving Van

While moving, it can be a full-time job to pack belongings and clean the home before moving to the new residence. There are several different tasks that must be performed before loading the moving truck to ensure a safe and successful move – contact them here. 1. Have a Garage Sale While sorting through personal […]

Choose the Right Fence for Your Yard: What You Should Consider

A quality fence increases the value, enjoyment and utility of any home. Many families with children and pets will insist on the installation of a children and animal friendly fence systems before move-in. Fencing materials, such as Lattice Screening, can be very attractive if carefully selected and properly installed. An experienced fencing contractor can really […]