• Preventative Measures For the Repairs that Can’t Wait to Be Fixed

    Home disasters can come at the most inconvenient times. Often, a water heater goes out in the middle of the night when the family is asleep. A pipe might break while the family is at work, or the neighbor’s kid tosses a ball through the window, while the parents are visiting. These incidents are just […]

  • 5 Cheap Ways To Maintain Your Home Before The Cold

    As winter approaches, it is important to do some maintenance to a home in order, to get it ready for the cold weather. When a home is properly winterized, it will keep the home warm and energy efficient. This will help to save some money on electric bills. Here are five inexpensive ways to maintain […]

  • 4 Surprising Things That Are Causing Sickness in Your Home

    A fresh, clean home is something to be proud of. However, danger is lurking in places we’d never think to look. Here are four surprising things that cause sickness in your home: 1. Mice Mice can be pretty harmless creatures until one gets inside your home, and if there’s one – there’s more. Rodents reproduce […]