Choose the Right Fence for Your Yard: What You Should Consider

A quality fence increases the value, enjoyment and utility of any home. Many families with children and pets will insist on the installation of a children and animal friendly fence systems before move-in. Fencing materials, such as Lattice Screening, can be very attractive if carefully selected and properly installed.

An experienced fencing contractor can really help make the right decision. There is a wide range of fencing materials available for every fencing need. To consult with a professional, get online and search for fencing in Sacramento, or whatever your local area may be.

Plastic or Vinyl

Plastic or vinyl fencing can be solid, picket or even a rail design. This newer material is very durable and easy to maintain. Vinyl fences deliver privacy and safety with solid and sturdy interlocking panels. This variety of fencing visually matches the siding of many homes and works especially well in smaller yards and gardens where clear definition and visibility of fence is desired.


Wood fencing produces a natural appearance ranging from highly refined panels that are capped with architectural grade materials to split wood railings. There are many different types of lumber used in wood fencing so the choices of hue and texture are numerous. A wood fence is effective in providing both privacy and security. According to the Framingham fence company, wood is a beautiful method of transitioning from structure to nature because it is a natural material and will blend in with the surrounding environment as well as compliment the home.

Chain Link

Chain link fences deliver the utmost utility but do not obstruct any views or provide privacy. A chain link fence against a background of greenery is almost invisible. Chain link fences provide the most security by keeping both pets and children in and intruders out. The ability to see through a chain link fence is something that is desired by many, especially if the view beyond the property is attractive.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are very popular in urban or estate settings. Because it is strong and visually appealing, wrought iron is popular in entry applications because of its ability to define an area and allow planting and paving against the fence structure. Wrought iron compliments both brick and stone and is available in both natural and painted finishes.

Whatever type of fence you choose, it will bring several benefits. If you have if you have kids, a fence is an obvious way to keep them safer by keeping them out of the street etc.. A fence can also be a deterrent for for burglars, child predators and other types of trouble makers. It keeps pets safe, and can increase the value of your home and property. So make sure you consider the above mentioned fence types and their pros and cons and make the best decision for you!

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