Today’s Popular Bathroom Design Trends

Today, bathrooms go beyond the usual functionality. It has now become a place of respite, a place away from our busy schedules which gives us a convenient way to unwind and soak away worries. This year, bathroom remodeling designers and manufacturers veered towards ambient, subtle features that amplified comfort and relaxation. This year’s trends are […]

Six Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Winter

The energy bills during the winter can double or triple for some homeowners. The bills do not have to increase by this much. There are ways to help control energy loss and increase efficiency. Here are six ways to save money on energy bills this winter. Seal Doors, Windows and Damaged Walls Cold air comes […]

Home Repair Guru: 5 Home Improvements To Consider This Winter

Winter weather encourages more time spent indoors. More time focused on the interior of the home seems to make household flaws more noticeable. However, this is a great season to work on those projects you’ve been putting off. Winter is a great time to get busy, and there are five home improvements that will result […]

Technology and Bathrooms – 7 Ultra-Cool Gadgets That Wow

Technology has made its way into our daily lives and there’s no stopping it. Home owners are pimping up their kitchen with ultramodern appliances, tricking out living rooms with futuristic home theater systems, and installing automatic gate systems and garage doors like there’s no tomorrow. Whether its laziness or just the thrill of pushing buttons, […]

6 Home Repairs You Should Invest In Before Winter Comes

Cold weather during the winter makes it difficult or impossible to perform certain repairs. Freezing temperatures can also damage the house in ways that are not possible over the summer. It is important to prepare the home for cold temperatures and bad weather. Homeowners should invest in six repairs before winter comes. Roofing Repairs It […]

Preventative Measures For the Repairs that Can’t Wait to Be Fixed

Home disasters can come at the most inconvenient times. Often, a water heater goes out in the middle of the night when the family is asleep. A pipe might break while the family is at work, or the neighbor’s kid tosses a ball through the window, while the parents are visiting. These incidents are just […]

5 Cheap Ways To Maintain Your Home Before The Cold

As winter approaches, it is important to do some maintenance to a home in order, to get it ready for the cold weather. When a home is properly winterized, it will keep the home warm and energy efficient. This will help to save some money on electric bills. Here are five inexpensive ways to maintain […]

House Needing a Facelift? 5 Low Budget Eye Poppers

You may have recently looked at your house and noticed that it is in serious need of a face lift and what most people think about doing is getting a residential roof replacement when they’re about to sell their home, but even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon, it’s important […]