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  • Technology and Bathrooms – 7 Ultra-Cool Gadgets That Wow

    Technology has made its way into our daily lives and there’s no stopping it. Home owners are pimping up their kitchen with ultramodern appliances, tricking out living rooms with futuristic home theater systems, and installing automatic gate systems and garage doors like there’s no tomorrow. Whether its laziness or just the thrill of pushing buttons, […]

  • 6 Home Repairs You Should Invest In Before Winter Comes

    Cold weather during the winter makes it difficult or impossible to perform certain repairs. Freezing temperatures can also damage the house in ways that are not possible over the summer. It is important to prepare the home for cold temperatures and bad weather. Homeowners should invest in six repairs before winter comes. Roofing Repairs It […]

  • 5 Cheap Ways To Maintain Your Home Before The Cold

    As winter approaches, it is important to do some maintenance to a home in order, to get it ready for the cold weather. When a home is properly winterized, it will keep the home warm and energy efficient. This will help to save some money on electric bills. Here are five inexpensive ways to maintain […]

  • House Needing a Facelift? 5 Low Budget Eye Poppers

    You may have recently looked at your house and noticed that it is in serious need of a face lift. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon, it’s important to the value of your house, and your investment, that you keep on top of updates that will give your place […]