How To Tell If Your New Home Has Pests

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for many families. Anything can happen between the closing and the day of the move. Homeowners will want to inspect the house for pests before moving in furniture and other items. This will make it easier to detect problems and to get rid of any infestations. If pests are present, then a professional pest control and animal removal can help you to get rid of the infestation. All Pest Exterminating / pest exterminators in Knoxville noticed that there are several signs of a pest infestation in a new home.

A clear sign of a pest infestation is the appearance of droppings or casings. Dropping from rodents look like small dark cylinders. Casings are the shells of insects like roaches and look like a hollow bug. Additionally, insects like bed bugs and roaches can leave behind droppings that look like small black dots. Most appear in corners or in drawers, for effective pest control services, see at Emergency Pest Control Vaughan website.

2. Dark Marks on Floors and Trim

Rodents and some larger insects travel along the bottom of walls where the floor creates a corner. Another sign of pests in a new home is dark or oily marks along the bottom of walls or on floors. This is caused by rodents that have collected oil and dirt on the fur that is transferred as the pest runs along the wall. Some larger insects cause this as well because of waste that accumulates, you can navigate here to learn how you can remove those waste materials and prevent larger insects from causing dark marks on your floors.

3. Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant odors localized in an area could be a sign of a hive, nest or colony of pests. Bed bugs cause a sour fruit smell. Mice smell similar to body odor. Roaches create a sickly sour smell. Detectable odors mean there are a large number of pests in the new house that require immediate attention. In instances like these, call in a Bed Bug Exterminator Dallas | posthaste.

4. Unexplained Bites or Sores

Small red sores on the legs, arms and back often mean that a home has become infested with bed bugs that feed on blood at night. Bed bugs could live in a bed or in any dark area. They are resistant to most pesticides. Homeowners will need to call bed bug removal specialists like Capital K9 Pest Solutions who can use heat treatments and deterrents to remove the bed bugs and prevent them from returning.

According to Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto | Pest Control Services, pests can get into a home in any number of ways. Bed bugs can travel on clothes. Roaches can travel in bags or squeeze under doors. Rodents often burrow into the house through a weak point. One of the best ways to keep pests out of a home after dealing with an infestation is to close all of the gaps and cracks that could lead outside. Sealing cracks in walls can be done with caulk. Blocking the space around pipes can be done with steel wool.

If you’d like to start learning more about pests and how to to keep them away from your home, check these Online Pest Control CEU Classes.

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