How To Keep Your Energy Bills Down

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday living, and more and more homeowners find themselves looking for new and innovate ways to ensure that their home is efficient. As energy bills continue to rise we must seek out the devices and materials that can help us keep costs low, and ample time should be spent researching what is on offer.

Bad insulation is probably the biggest cause of wasted energy, and it results in overpriced energy bills. If you are thinking about having your insulation replaced then I advise you to avoid buying traditional materials like glass wool and instead consider using ETFE foil.

This material has greater insulation values than those traditionally used, and it has a number of additional benefits that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Properties of ETFE Foil

ETFE, or Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene as it is also known as, is a form of transparent modified copolymer that has excellent insulating properties. The material is able to transmit 100% of the visible spectrum range and most of the UV spectrum, although it is worth noting that ETFE foil is not damaged by UV radiation the same way other roof materials are.

ETFE foil is sold in one of two options, and the first is a single layer membrane while the second is a multilayer consisting of between two and five layers around the membrane. The more layers of foil the better the insulation and as such I advise you to buy as many layers as possible. In regards to how well a multilayered system insulates, a triple layered system has greater insulation value than a triple glazed window.

Even though ETFE foil provides much better insulation, it only weighs 1% the weight of glass. This material is also incredibly strong, and it is able to support up to four hundred times its own weight. This makes it suitable for use both in areas with strong sunshine and those with heavy snowfall. Additional treatments can be given to the foil to reduce the glare from sunlight.

Benefits of Using ETFE Foil

The main benefit of using ETFE foil stems from its transparency. As this material is transparent, you will find that the room that has ETFE foil installed as roofing will receive much more natural light transmission then it did before. More natural light means less artificial light is needed, and as a result electricity usage and energy bills will be reduced, so next time you speak with your roofing contractor make sure you ask them about this option.

An increase in natural sunlight will be beneficial to the people within the room, and plants and flowers will thrive underneath this material. This material is also very environmentally friendly, and it is 100% recyclable. ETFE foil is very long lasting and as the outer layer is self adhesive it is cleaned every time it rains.

There are different places you can source this material from, but considering the complexity of its design I strongly advise you to buy ETFE from the Vector Foiltec website. The company have been working with ETFE foil for over twenty five years and are considered by many to be experts in their field.

James Murphy is a home improvement blogger with a vast knowledge of emerging energy efficiency practices. In his spare time James likes to visit museums and art galleries.

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