Renovating On A Budget – Renovate And Save Money At Same Time With These 12 Tips

Every home will need renovating and updating at some point. When it’s time to make changes around your home, it’s natural to worry about the cost of remodeling. While this can be an expensive proposition, it doesn’t have to break your budget. Here are a few ways you can save on your next remodeling project.

Look at Efficiency Over Size

Most people dream of a large kitchen, but increasing the footprint of your space can be costly. Moving walls and adding new foundation can make your new kitchen cost as much as a small house. However, you can save more with smart renovations that don’t increase the actual size. A kitchen that’s more efficient and makes a better use of space will be just as enjoyable, but it won’t cost nearly as much.

Perform Your Own Demolition

While you may not have the plumbing skills to install new lines, you can still take down old cabinets. When you do the demolition work yourself, you save on labor. However, you need to treat lightly before you start cutting into walls with saws or knocking things down with a sledgehammer. Start by working with your contractor to ensure that you’re taking down the appropriate walls. Always cut a small hole in the sheetrock to look for wiring or plumbing lines that are hidden inside the walls.

Hit the Auctions

Visit local building supply auctions to buy your supplies at discount prices. This is particularly effective for basic materials like wood beams, but you never know what custom items you’ll find that will work.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There is a trend towards using old items, and you can embrace this trend with your project. Visit your local Habitat for Humanity store to purchase items that have been donated from other people doing renovation projects. You may find that claw foot tub you’ve been dreaming of for the bathroom, or a raised panel, solid-oak front door with sidelights.

Contractor’s Leftovers

You can also talk to your contractor about remnants from other jobs that can be used on your home to help you save money. Here is one example of top home builders in the NY area. If you’re looking for a professional company that can help you with all of your home renovations, it can easily be done within your budget and on time with Do It All Contracting.

The Right Disposal

When you have usable items, donate them to the local Habitat for Humanity to save money. You can also put some items on freecycle and let someone else haul them away. Finally, consider roll off dumpster rentals from a professional dumpster rental service. You’ll save on gas and make the process more convenient. You may also consider hiring junk removal services to get the job done right.

Consider Long-Term Maintenance

It’s so easy to start looking at the pennies right now and forget about the long-term costs. The unpainted siding may save you a few hundred dollars right now, but how much will it cost you in the future as you have to maintain and paint it every few years? Before making any cost-saving decisions, stop to consider the long-term expense.

Work in the Off-Season

The peak season for remodeling is the summer and the fall months as people gear up for the winter holidays. Take advantage of the contractor’s slow season by scheduling work in the winter or spring. You’ll save money and still enjoy the same high quality work.

Know Where to Pinch Pennies

You can pinch pennies by going with reproduction fixtures and items that are easily replaced or upgraded later. However, you should never look for savings that compromise the stability of the foundation or renovation.

Don’t Move Plumbing Lines

It seems like a good idea to shift the kitchen sink to the other wall, but this can cost you more than you realize. When possible, leave electrical and plumbing lines in their current location to save on labor costs.

Keep it Simple

Recessed fixtures look cool, but they drive the cost up. Adding custom choices will also drive up the price, so try to keep it simple.

Handle the Finishing Work

You may not know how to hang cabinets, but you might be great with a paintbrush. When possible, handle your own finishing work to save money on the overall cost.

If you’re ready to improve your home, then follow these tips to save on the renovations. You can still enjoy the beautiful kitchen of your dreams, but the price tag will lower drastically. Whether you do your own demolition or gather supplies from discount sources, you’ll appreciate the savings.

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