Simple Ways Of Laying Laminate Flooring

Deciding to get rid of carpets and replacing them with wood flooring can be the best decision that you make.  There will be fewer problems cleaning it, spillages can be mopped up much more quickly, and the look can be really effective. There are few conditions needed to lay the flooring, but mainly just that the room must be firm, level and dry. If there are issues with the floor, these should be addressed before the laminate flooring is laid. If the existing floor is uneven this can be corrected by using wood fiber board as it is thick enough to combat the uneven base and is also going to help with insulation.


Underlay needs to be selected carefully and will be the base for the flooring. As mentioned wood fibre board can be used but when the floor is even, there are other options. Poly foam is much thinner and should not be fitted until it is clear that there is no damp present. Pieces are placed together and then the laminate can be laid. There is also combined underlay which helps with damp proofing. To ensure this, the joins should be taped, and as it can help with sound insulation will be ideal in flats and apartments.

Fitting LOC Flooring

Loc flooring will be one of the easiest to fit as the boards are manufactured with interlocking sections. This also means that if you want to take them up and lay them elsewhere they can be removed easily. Rather than lay them straight away try and give them time to settle by putting them in place for a day or two before joining them.

When putting the boards down, remember to leave a slight gap around the room. There are natural fluctuations in size and for this reasons there would be obvious problems fitting them right up to the wall. To fill in the spaces, there are fitting wedges. It is recommended that you start at the left side of the room and use the fitting wedge to make sure the board is in the correct position. Select the next board and lock the tongues together. You will be provided with clear details regarding how to do this. Repeat this and when you are at the other side of the room you can measure the size board needed for the final one in that row and cut it to fit.

The Final Touch

As you get to the end of the last row of laminate flooring, it is likely that the final board will have to be cut to fit. Now that they are all in place you can take away the fitting wedges. Flooring trim should be put in the gaps, and this can be purchased to match the color of the floor. A vital thing to remember is to attach the trim to the skirting board rather than the floor board and equally important is keeping the adhesive off the flooring as this could prevent movement. To get that complete look, the information is in the next page about using vinyl.

Once it has dried you will have an incredibly attractive and long lasting floor – to say nothing of the joy of knowing you laid it yourself.

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