10 Unique Uses For Your Kitchen Towels You May Not Have Thought Of

Colourful pans, baking sheets, cutting boards and cook’s knives; there’s a lot more to your kitchen than these conventional kitchen workhorses. One of the most important, yet under mentioned, kitchen accessories that you turn to over and over is the kitchen towel. Have you ever spared an extra thought for this piece of cloth?

The fact is we are always looking for ways to turn our kitchens into more efficient, more fun and more practical cooking places.

And did you know by managing the way you put your handy and vibrant kitchen towels to use can help you do that? Are you surprised? Well don’t be. For we present the 10 most unique uses of your kitchen towels you may not have thought of.

1. Turn those into a Comforting Cushion

Place it underneath your mixing bowl while you whisk away, and turn your kitchen towel into a cushion that prevents any distracting and irritating noises. Ease your routine kitchen jobs in an unexpected and easy manner!


2. Protect Yourself with Kitchen Towels

Thick and great-quality kitchen linen can be effectively used to deal with anything high temperature at tea time, Sunday lunch time and beyond. Shield your soft palms and fingers with these comforting guards anytime you please!


3. Use them as Place Settings

Your pretty kitchen towels can do a lot more than wiping water droplets off your wet hands! Use those fun, colourful kitchen towels as placemats or place settings, to pep up your dining table.


4. Wash Greens Easily with Kitchen Towels

Never again will you end up breaking the salad spinner. Use your kitchen towel to roll up your soaked and washed greens. Pat dry those and here they are, ready to use.


5. Use as Dryers

You can use your kitchen towels to wipe up your glass flute and stems or simply lay your wet dishware on those to dry.


6. Beautify Serving with Pretty Tea Towels

Line up the serving plate or bowl with a beautiful kitchen towel and lay dry food on it. Attractive tea towels make your Pear Ginger Walnut muffins and Mediterranean Oilve bread look even more appealing and smell more appetising.

7. As an Efficient Wrapper

It’s a great idea to drape a bottle of expensive liquor, wine or oil in a classy kitchen towel before gifting to a friend.

8. Turn Them into Reusable Bags or Covers

Sew two identical or contrasting kitchen towels together to create a striking, multi-purpose linen bag. Alternatively, you can even make a beautiful cover for your mixer or food processor with your older kitchen towels.

9. Make an Apron

This is quite an innovative way to put your kitchen towels to some great use. Sew a few together to make a beautiful apron for yourself or for gifting to a close friend.


10. For Style Enhancement

Yes, simply use gorgeous kitchen towels to jazz up your kitchen or dining area and flaunt your chic taste without much ado.

These are only some of the numerous things that you can do with your useful kitchen accessory – kitchen towels. Let your imagination break all boundaries and tell us what you will do with yours today!

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This post has been written by Azzam Sheikh of the Towel Shop, UK.

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