4 (Not So) Secrets To Increasing The Privacy Of Your Home

You knew what you wanted when you bought your new home. You wanted a home with a large family room so that you and your family could have a great place to gather and spend time together. You wanted a kitchen with granite countertops, two ovens, and plenty of storage. And you wanted a home with many large windows. You wanted to be able to let in as much sunlight as possible.

Now that you’ve moved in, your home is everything you thought it would be. You plan master dinners in your kitchen for your friends and family. You assemble with your children each night in the family room to play games or watch movies. And during the day, you enjoy the large amounts of sunlight that come in through your windows.

But speaking of those windows, what about privacy?? One thing that you didn’t think about when picturing yourself in this perfect home is how you would address the issue of privacy. Now that you’re living in your home, it seems like you are exposed to the entire world. How on earth did you think you were going to get any privacy?

If you enjoy a fairly open layout, yet you wish that your home were a little less available to prying eyes, you have options. If you open yourself to reconceptualizing your space, through windows, window treatments and a variety of greenery, you may find yourself in a quieter abode, and feel more sheltered overall.

Here are 4 simple ways to increase the privacy of your home:

1. Windows

The first thing you might want to address when thinking about the privacy of your home is the windows themselves. When your windows are too large or open, you should consider what you can do with the windows specifically. If you want to have more windows, but you fear exposing too much of your home to your neighbors, you might put in skylights. They will draw in the best of the sunlight throughout the day, and require no coverings. For your existing windows, consider frosting a portion of them. In some cases, arranging a frosting film on the lower half of the window will provide the privacy you need, without sacrificing style. You can even choose a pattern to fit the decor of the room.

2. Window Treatments

Now that you have got your windows sorted out, look at your window treatments. Really, the sky’s the limit here. You don’t have to keep the plastic mini-blinds and dusty valances that came with your home. In fact, throw them out. Right now. Go for something awesome instead. For example, you could try some chic wood blind panels with curtains in a bold shade. If your need for privacy extends to the environment as well, consider buying some blackout blinds or curtains. Depending on the brand and style, these can block out up to 100 percent of the light coming in, to keep the room cozy and dark when you need it most.

3. Landscaping

Don’t underestimate the power of landscaping when trying to increase the privacy of your home. You may choose to build a six-foot fencing installation with the help of a fence company around your property to protect your family and any pets you may have. But that is not the end of your options for privacy from your landscaping. If you plant some hedges or trees now and prune them carefully, they will grow much taller and block out unwanted sunlight or visibility from the road. At the same time, you can plant the same hedges close to your house. This will block out noises from the road and your neighbors, making your home a more peaceful sanctuary. In addition, if you have trees on your property that you use as some form of privacy, then make sure to take care of them by regularly having tree care and tree diagnosis services.

4. Creative Planting

Privacy hedges are an older innovation. You may be wondering what is new in the world of landscaping. That would be the living wall. Living walls serve a variety of purposes. You can install pockets and shells in a creative arrangement on a wall, fence or even rails. Then, you put small seedlings in them. In time, the plants will grow larger and block off areas of your home, while lending an air of timelessness and beauty to your space.

When you wake up in the morning, the last thing you want to see is your neighbor, peering in your bedroom window. Most neighbors know better than that, of course. But if you aren’t protecting yourself adequately, you may as well be inviting them to do just that. By creatively arranging your space to allow light and air in, without uncovering yourself entirely, you will enjoy your home more and worry less.

Nicole is a home improvement expert that loves helping homeowners learn how to better their homes. In her opinion, Super Blinds Mart offers the best window treatments she could find.

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