5 Perfect Winter Home Improvements

When the weather gets cold, it’s no longer a good time to prune trees and plant tulips. But, while many exterior home improvement projects have to be put on hold in the colder months, there are still many things you can do inside to improve the look of your home like Hunter Furniture – find a store near you. Many of these improvements also serve a purpose, so they are functional as well as beautiful. Pick one or all of these five projects for a productive fall and winter.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, highly toxic gas. Without a carbon monoxide detector, you and your family can become very ill and even die before you ever know the gas is present. Most states require by law that you install a carbon monoxide detector, but even if your state doesn’t, it’s a vital home improvement project that takes almost no time at all, is not expensive, and can save lives. Since carbon monoxide leaks happen mostly from gas-operated appliances, and the colder months require more use of these items, it is very important to install a detector.

Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments, there are enough options available that you could feasibly get custom window treatments for every window in your home. From beautiful wood to stunning vinyl and everything in between, updating your window treatments not only improves the look of your home, but helps keep your home warm, as well, which saves you energy bills.


If we’re discussing prepping for your home the winter, there are few things as important as home insulation. You can lay insulation in your attic with the help of home insulation contractors in a day and feel the effects all winter long. If you are expecting an especially cold winter, updating your insulation can help keep you and your family warm, but you’ll also see a big difference in your heating bill.

Add Shelves in the Bathroom

For such a small room, the bathroom needs to hold quite a lot, and storage is always limited. However, your walls offer a large storage area if you don’t mind shelves. In a simple process, you can install shelves in your bathroom in a couple of hours, increasing your storage space and improving organization in the process.

Add an Accent Wall

Living room lacking something? Bedroom a little boring? Add a splash of color by painting one wall a color other than white, like a bright color or a dark color. You can also paint three walls a neutral tone, like sand or taupe, and the fourth wall a contrasting tone, like burgundy. You’ll have a whole new room with a couple of coats of paint and a few hours.

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