Why You Should Use Underfloor Heating Systems


Underfloor heating is the circulation of warm water through pipes that are laid underneath the floor. This method makes the floor seem like a large heater, only it does so from a much lower surface temperature than any normal heater. All different kinds of flooring and flooring covers are suitable for the use of underfloor heating and the entire system may be run of any source of heat. These sources could include a solid fuel boiler, electric, gas or oil, and it has been known to work really well with geothermal heat pumps. These should be installed by professionals, like the well-trained professional heat pump installers Tauranga. The pipes are always going, therefore you have a lesser chance of leak and there is hardly any maintenance that needs to be performed. When considering whether underfloor heating is a good option for you, here are some great reasons why it’s the number one choice amongst many homeowners. Eco plumbing specializes in Eco Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning and all plumbing services in belleville nj.

Underfloor Heating Is Very Comfortable

The use of underfloor heating systems will emit a higher amount of the heat in the lower part of the room, rather than in the ceiling. This makes it more comfortable for the body, while the heat is being concentrated where it’s most important. The humidity is higher, therefore the room will not seem as stuffy, and while the heat is in an even layer over the entire space of the floor, there will be no cold drafts, therefore you will always have warm feet and a cooler head.

Since the heat is concentrated at the lower area of the room and it’s evenly distributed over the entire area, the temperature of the room can be maintained at a much lower temperature than what you would get with a traditional radiant system. This can help save you up to 15% on your heating bills. Also, the temperature of the water is much lower in the system, therefore the efficiency of the boiler is also enhanced. Using an underfloor heating system has also been known to enhance the efficiency of using a heat pump.

Using Underfloor Heating Is Cleaner

Since the underfloor heating system is built right into the floor, there are no cracks that will encourage dirt or dust to build up, and since there is no movement of air you will have no black marks above the radiator. By using an underfloor heating system, it can make your tiled and wood floors much more comfortable and easier to keep clean.

One of the biggest problems that people have with using a radiator is that they always seem to be located in the wrong place. People would rather arrange their furniture based on their needs and their preferences, not their source of heat. Underfloor heating systems will provide the total freedom to arrange a room how you would like without taking up any valuable wall and floor space. Decorating the home is much easier to do, there are no radiators that you will need to paint over, and placing wall paper is a possibility. You can bring in the underfloor heating system earlier to help with the drying of the paint when you are remodeling or decorating a home.

Using Underfloor Heating Systems Will Easily Customize The Temperature Zones

These heating systems are made to meet the specific needs of each customer. All of the systems have features such as individual zones that have control of the temperature, a continuous joint free circuit for the pipe, as well as spacing for the pipe to suit the certain parameters. There are various techniques for installation of timber and concrete floors, even despite the myth that underfloor heating is not to be used with timber floors. Radiant UFH, a company on underfloor heating uses this system  in all different types of buildings whether they are old, new, domestic, commercial or industrial. Underfloor heating has a solution for each requirement, and for each need based on the customers.

The control of individual room temperature is provided by the use of thermostats mounted on the wall used to control actuators found on the manifold circuit valves. At this manifold, the water in the boiler is then regulated down to a temperature that is suitable for the floor. If needed, the underfloor heating system may also come with further control options for full network systems or digital programmable thermostats.

Bart Lawrence, the blogger, lives with his wife in Ringwood, UK . The couple loves decorating their home and making it comfortable through undefloor heating systems provided by Radiant.

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