3 Different Ways To Clean Your Chandelier And Keep It Sparkling

Having residential indoor lights like a chandelier adds a certain elegance and appeal in any room. Adding this lighting fixture in any space instantly makes it a focal point, attracting your guests’ eyes the minute they enter the room. But maintaining the beauty of your chandelier means that you have to occasionally clean it to keep it sparkling beautifully, and many fear having to do this task as it seems to be a very challenging one. Here are three different types of cleaning processes made easy to help you clean your chandelier and keep it looking bright and dazzling.

Cleaning Your Chandelier the Dry Way

This method is the most convenient way to clean your chandelier. You will not have to worry about moisture getting into the electrical components of the lighting fixture as you clean and polish its parts without using liquids.

What You Will Need

• Ladder
• Two or microfiber cloths
• Glass cleaner

Steps in Cleaning Your Chandelier (Dry Method)

1. Turn the light off before you start cleaning the chandelier. Make sure the bulbs are cool.
2. Set up the ladder. It needs to be high enough to so that you are able to reach the chandelier comfortably.
3. Start from the top, working your way around the lighting fixture. Clean from top to bottom, then from the inside out.
4. Spray the glass cleaner on one microfiber cloth. Use this to wipe each piece of your chandelier’s glass.
5. Get another microfiber cloth and use this to polish the cleaned glass.
6. Replace dirty microfiber cloths with clean ones.

Wet Method of Cleaning Your Chandelier

This method is a bit faster than the previous one, but you’ll need to take your time with the preparations.

What You Will Need

• Ladder
• Chandelier cleaner
• Plastic sandwich bags
• Plastic sheeting or tarp
• Rubber bands

Steps in Cleaning Your Chandelier (Wet Method)

1. Before starting, turn off the chandelier and make sure that its bulbs are cool.
2. Spread the plastic sheeting or tarp under the chandelier. This will be used to capture drips.
3. Set the ladder up and make sure that it is stable.
4. Climb the ladder and cover each of the chandelier’s light bulbs with the plastic sandwich bags. Tightly seal these with rubber bands.
5. Spray the chandelier cleaner throughout the lighting fixture. Remember to wet the entire chandelier thoroughly from every angle.
6. Allow the chandelier to drip dry. Remove the tarp.

Cleaning Your Chandelier Piece by Piece

This would be the most thorough way to clean your chandelier, by taking it apart and handwashing it piece by piece.

What You Will Need

• Ladder
• Mild dishwashing detergent
• Very hot water
• Plastic colander
• Lint free cloth
• Thick blanket
• Pencil
• Paper
• Digital camera (optional)

Steps in Cleaning Your Chandelier Piece By Piece

1. Before you begin, make sure that the lights are turned off and the bulbs are cool.
2. Set up the ladder in a steady position.
3. Place a thick or folded blanket directly underneath the chandelier to cushion pieces that you might drop.
4. Take pictures of the chandelier from different angles to guide you when putting it back together. If this is not possible, it is recommended to sketch the major design details out using a pencil and a paper.
5. Detach the pieces one by one and carefully lay them out on the blanket.
6. After all of the pieces have been laid down, transfer some of these to the plastic colander.
7. Rinse the pieces under hot water.
8. Cleanse the pieces with a small amount of mild detergent.
9. Continue rinsing the pieces until all the soap residue is washed off.
10. Dry the pieces by carefully laying them out on the lint free cloth.
11. Repeat steps 6 to 10 until all of the components have been washed.
12. Air dry or wipe the pieces with the lint free cloth.
13. Reassemble the chandelier.

Additional Tips

The three methods we have just discussed are the general ways you can clean your chandelier, depending on the time you can allot for this task, the materials that you have, and the amount of energy you are willing to put in. Here are a few more things that you might want to keep in mind when cleaning your chandelier.

• Check the manufacturer’s website for cleaning tips that are specific for your chandelier.
• You can also use vinegar instead of a dishwashing detergent; just make sure that it does not come in contact with metal or brass pieces of your lighting fixture.
• Clean the metal parts of your chandelier with a special cleaner or polish made particularly for the type of metal that you have.
• To ensure that you get the best results from this project, dust the chandelier before washing.
• When putting the parts of the chandelier back together, work from the inside out and start with the center pieces.
• Remember to dust the light bulbs, too!

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