The Bedroom Chronicles


The decision to redesign your master bedroom can present many challenges.  However, the ideas that accompany the desire to do so come as swiftly as the days.  There are many ways to remodel the most intimate and personal area of your home.  The key to creating your dream bedroom is actually held within your innermost thoughts.  The best way to create the perfect picture of your ideal master bedroom is to blend your personality with your favorite colors, mix in a few trends and voila, you’ve got the blueprint of perfection.

Your master bedroom doesn’t have to be grand but it should definitely be a reflection of the style of the occupants.  Allow your thoughts of what relaxes and comforts you to spearhead the design.  Give in to colors that may not seem practical but always bring you a feeling of complete serenity.  A redesign effort can be as large or small as you’d like.  If your personality is one that blossoms and stands out in a crowd, your bedroom should be one that represents a feeling of bold and outspoken nature.  Choose furniture pieces that are symbolic of your feelings.  Are you comforted by calm and cozy or would bodacious and wild offer you more in the area of relaxation?  These are questions you should entertain when choosing furniture pieces to redesign your bedroom.  Large pieces of furniture can really set the scene for an outspoken image while smaller more quaint pieces may be for the slightly withdrawn or private person.

Introduce art or elements of art into your private space and don’t be afraid to furnish with antiques and odd pieces.  This produces a stoic look that can bring a royal appeal to any bedroom.  Use wrought iron curtain rods, mirror frames and bed frames as well to accomplish this look. Antique area rugs are ideal to use for this concept. If there’s an antique rug you want to keep, it may first require antique rug restoration. This approach is a design factor that can be used to royally enhance a bedroom space. Once completed, your private space becomes your royal palace of peace and it’s a direct reflection of your personality.

Mix up the color hues and patterns throughout the design appeal.  There is no longer a rule of what matches but simply what makes sense.  Calm bold colors with contemporary prints or patterns and use plaids and stripes within any area of the bedroom.  Enhance the color appeal by toning down the wall with colors of burlap or creams.  The silent color walls will be a great balance for any colors that you choose as your calming hues for the bedroom.  Create charm and personalization by embossing and monogramming items of the room.  Add a monogrammed leg pillow to the sitting area or bed décor for an added touch of intimacy.

A bedroom design can be one that is mixed with different feelings and emotions.  This is sometimes a good thing because there are times when there is more than one feeling or emotion to be considered.  When mates have differences in opinions on what looks great, what colors are best and what patterns will work, it can seem impossible to create a balance.  However, there is such success gained when differences meet, especially in terms of bedroom style and décor.  Mix stripes with plaids, introduce red to purple and soften the hard blow of dark wood with a sweet nectar blended rug or window treatment.

There is much fun to be had and passion to be gained when designing a bedroom. You tend to explore some of your most treasured thoughts and desires.  It may be a little time consuming but the results are those that will bring you comfort and joy for night after night.  Your bedroom is your place of pleasure and relaxation. Therefore, you should make it your most treasured creation.

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