Like You Never Left: Interior Design From Your Favorite Vacation

Think back to the last time you were on a great vacation. Whether it was in the mountains, on the coast, or at a metropolitan city you’ve never experienced before, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring that feeling home? By integrating some pieces from your vacation into your home’s interior design, you can create your own mini-getaway. But don’t worry- you won’t have to plant a palm tree at home to incorporate some interesting design elements from your favorite destination. By picking out interesting elements from your destination (like the colorful textiles of South America or the sweeping architecture of Italy) and incorporating them into your decor, you can create a unique and exotic interior design. Just follow a few of these quick tips and you’ll be kicking back and enjoying your mementos gathered from vacations passed.

  • If you have a souvenir stuffed away in a closet, it’s time to get it out! If you’re concerned whether or not it will complement your current home decor, consider making it a focal point of your entryway, bookshelf, or other small area of your home. This way it won’t totally disrupt the main idea of your interior design but will add a bit of visual interest that will add a little something extra to your home. Not only will it spark warm memories for you, but it can spark a great conversation starter with guests.
  • If you’ve visited vibrant locations like Morocco before, then you’re certain to have seen the colorful patterned artwork covering the city. In Islamic art, the repeating pattern of symbols is called “arabesque”, symbolizing the indefinite nature of God. You may note lack of the depiction of any humans in Islamic art, which is due to the the belief that such illustration is a sin against God. You can replicate these beautiful patterns as subtly or as exuberantly as you please with tile. Whether you want to simply do an accent border around your outdoor grilling range or go all-out in a Moroccan-themed bathroom, it’s fairly easy to incorporate a little foreign flair from your travels into your home decor.
  • An inexpensive idea for those on a bit of a budget- if you didn’t have the time or money to purchase an authentic wall hanging or indigenous painting while you were traveling, consider blowing up some of your own pictures to a large size yourself and hanging them on the wall. Take note of the resolution of your photos, though. don’t expect to blow up a pic you snapped from your smartphone to not be grainy or hazy once it’s been blown up to a large size.
  • One last tip: keep it simple. Don’t turn your living room into an Indian bazaar (unless you’re into it) by adding too many foreign elements to your decor. This can create a confused space that looks disjointed and incohesive. As long as you choose just a few ideas or pieces and incorporate them into your interior design well, you can relive your vacation every day at home.

Emily Kaltman writes for Estancia Churrascaria in Austin, Texas. She enjoys writing about international travel and Brazilian culture.

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