What Are The Dangers Of Leaving Rubbish In And Around Your Home?

Rubbish is dangerous. The fact our society is built upon a certain level of hygiene is what keeps us safe and healthy. If you have a lot of waste in your property go to bulkywaste.ie to hire people to clean it up without causing injury. Here are some of the different types of rubbish that can cause problems.


Household Rubbish

Household rubbish is the type of rubbish we throw out every day. It’s everything from old newspapers to leftover food from the table. It’s also the easiest to pile up. An obvious sign of a build-up of household rubbish is an odour. The type of odour depends entirely on the type of rubbish in question.

The main threat to health is infestation. Rats will gravitate towards large piles of rubbish because it can provide them with sustenance. Other common insects, such as flies, will also be attracted by piles of rubbish.


Chemical Waste

Chemicals can be found in the most mundane of places. A bottle of commercial cleaner with some of the liquid still in the bottom and a bottle of deodorant are two types of rubbish that can potentially lead to health problems.

These release toxic fumes into the air as they breakdown and deteriorate with age. As these fumes rise up, they can begin to create a toxic atmosphere. This could poison pets, children, and even adults.

Some combinations of chemicals could even ignite and cause an explosion. Unless you’re an expert, you never know how these chemicals are going to react. And that’s the main danger of not disposing of chemical waste straight away.


Medical Waste

Medical waste might not sound like a common type of rubbish to have in the home, but those who take regular injections for conditions like diabetes do need to watch out. Each type a needle pricks the skin it takes trace elements of blood and fluid out with it.

Should anyone else come into contact with this needle, any diseases could be transmitted to them.

And it’s not just human diseases you have to worry about. Needles left in an environment where vermin can approach them become deadlier. Diseases transmitted by these vermin to the needles increase the chances of non-human diseases being transmitted.


Improper Disposal of Waste

The improper disposal of waste can be just as problematic as the waste itself. In many areas of the world, it’s common to have something called a burn barrel in the back garden. This is a metal drum that can be closed up. The metal is too strong to melt, which makes it ideal for setting fires inside.

Rubbish will be stored in this barrel and burned when it gets full. This releases all the toxins confined inside. Pressurised containers could quite easily exposed, which essentially turns it into a small explosive.

The damage to the environment and anyone around the fire makes this the most dangerous hazard of all. This is why you should always use a professional disposal company to solve the problem.


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