10 Home Design Tips Inspired by the South

2026987732_aa8fd1f36b_zIf you are looking to do renovations in your home, you may want to consider some home design tips that are inspired by southern living. Different geographical regions in the United States provide different architectural and interior influences. The south has a very long and rich history in both. Taking the time to examine some of the ideas that can be produced from simply observing homes in the south will provide you will a wealth of ideas that can be used in developing your renovation plans.

This article will examine 10 distinctive ideas that are unquestionably associated and inspired by the south.

Build a Welcoming Porch

There is nothing that says welcome like a good old front porch with white posts and wooden floors. Simply conjure up images of sipping ice-cold tea in the summer days or a hot cup of java during those cold winter mornings. In the south the porch is treated much like the family room in many other areas of the country.

Visualize amenities such as:

  • Painted wood floors

  • White wooden support posts or pillars

  • Brick sidewalk and entry way

Upgrade the Shutters

Something as simple as changing or adding shutters can add to the richness of your exterior. It is also an inexpensive way to give your home a facelift.

Maximize the Space under the Stairs

Interior designers in the south are exceptional at maximizing and utilizing space in a way that brings value and beauty to the interior of the home.

  • You can convert the space under the stairway into a nice little cozy reading room without breaking the bank.

Redo Foyer Floors

The south is known for some of the most grandiose foyers around. Your foyer provides the first impression of your home.

  • Nothing can change the personality of a room as quickly and quietly as redoing the floors.

  • You can choose to go with the traditional hardwood look or take it up a notch with granite or marble flooring.

Wood Burning Stove

This may be somewhat difficult for you to visualize, but wood-burning stoves in the Deep South still have a way of making a unique statement. Visualize it from the same perspective that you would a fireplace, and then take the time to imagine the different ways that you can incorporate this into your décor.

Brick Barbeque

The backyard cookout is a staple in the south, and it escapes all socioeconomic boundaries.

You will find backyard barbeques in every neighborhood in the south.

  • Nothing quite says cookout like a brick barbeque.

  • It tells your guest that you are serious about your outdoor grilling, and

  • It provides a great enhancement to your backyard landscaping efforts.

A Stocked Bar

Another thing that people in south take very seriously is their fine liquors and wines. They are well aware of the electrical requirements of a wine fridge.

  • It is not uncommon to find fully stocked bars in homes and luxury apartments in the south.

  • Even if you are not a serious connoisseur of alcohol, you will be able to provide a warm and entertaining experience for your guests.

Stucco Exterior

Stucco is huge in the south – ranging from Florida to New Mexico as well as Southern California.

  • Stucco is enduring in the heat and does not crack in the cold.

  • It also reduces your painting expenditures, lasting for years.

  • When it becomes dirty, simply pull out the power washer.

Flower Bed and Garden Landscaping

The South is also known for some of the most beautiful landscaping in the world. Using everything from foliage to beautiful flowers, the southerners know how to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their yards, which is quite understandable, being that they spend considerable amounts of time outdoors.

Bay Windows

Bay windows and picture windows are another staple of southern architecture.

  • Large windows not only add to the aesthetic beauty of the home, but it also enhances the interior as a secondary lighting source.

  • You can decorate these huge windows with blinds drapes, curtains or indoor blinds.

  • You may even be daring enough to leave them open.

There are multitudinous ideas that you can glean from the homes in the south. From the Spanish influences that are evident from Texas westward, to the plantation style homes that keep with southern tradition, there is no shortage of ideas in the south. One final bonus idea is the use of wildlife to decorate your walls. Depending on your taste, you can use artwork or real animals.

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