How to Keep Your Home Clean: Tips for Busy Moms

When you go “Meh… tell me about it” when the discussion deviates to the most dreaded topic “Household Chores”, it is a clear indication that you have had it all. As a working mom, the first thing you want off your hands is the hardship of house cleaning. If you are stepping into your home to remind yourself; ‘welcome to reality’, it is high time you took matters into your hands with some easy to follow tips that are sure to become habitual with time. If you discover the presence of bed bugs in your home while cleaning, you should call a bed bug pest control immediately. Hiring professional pest control services immediately can prevent further infestation.
1.    Cut Down On Your Impulse

The first and foremost tip is to cut down on items that don’t have immediate utility. When you feel you need something, wait for a day before you barge at this product. Chances are that you will completely forget about the purpose this product could really serve and you will end up chucking an item without which life was difficult a day ago! If you are lucky enough to be showered with gifts, don’t hesitate to toss excess items into charity; it is for a cause after all.

2.    Consider a Regular De-clutter Session

“Home is where the hugs (bugs) are” – this pun will probably prove to be a reality if your home is cluttered with rejects or with products that are seldom used. Be happy to walk the house with a recycle bag and pick up all these items and gleefully deposit them for charity, recycle at the residential disposal services unit or better still, get the kids to host a garage sale if they are old enough!

3.    Don’t Wait For the “Laundry Day”

If laundry is left to pile up, you will literally be drowning in clothes making your home all the more messier especially if you have younger children who love to play in a pile of laundry; you will end up with pajamas flying around the house and under wears on your head! An ideal laundry day should be the day you have a full load so that you are not overwhelmed with an entire day of loading, drying and folding.

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4.    That Ultimate “Cleaning Day” Is a Fallacy

Procrastination will prove to be your worst enemy if you are waiting for a cleaning day that will never come. Cleaning on the go is the best alternative to avoid over exertion on a Christmas cleaning day. It can be so tricky keeping the home clean too so we have been using a brilliant cleaning company from Bristol so we strongly suggest that you use a cleaning company like them if you are having similar problems. Wipe the kitchen counter while talking over the phone, scrub the kitchen sink while watching Netflix and utilize work-from-home conference calls to organize things around you; after all, a work-from-home is awarded for your convenience!

5.    Get Ruthless With the Water Areas

Show no mercy while you purge toilet bowls, wash basins and kitchen sinks every time you use them. This saves all the time and energy you might have to invest in scrubbing stubborn stains if you opt to clean them once in a while. These water places need to be scrubbed after every use to free them from those obstinate water marks and stain rings.

6.    Don’t Let The Refrigerator Go Frozen In Time!

A very tidy house with a refrigerator stinking with an old Science project is not a pleasing sight! ‘You will not know what you have till you clean’ aptly applies to refrigerators. Consider removing unwanted things every week to spare you from unpleasant surprises.

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7.    Get Your Loved Ones Involved

There is nothing like a combined family activity where each one does a work suitable to them. With apps that can remind you of pending tasks, you can assign tasks to everyone at home; you can play Lost & Found with your toddler to make cleaning a joyful family time.

8.    Set Ground Rules

Your household chores need not be a single-handed endurance test if each one of them cleans the mess behind them. A Job Responsibility Matrix is important at home as well just like how you follow at work. This will instill a sense of responsibility in growing children.

9.    Puppy Training Pays

As cute as they are, puppies are an extension of your kids that needs to be trained as much as your kid. Puppies can throw a tantrum at times and get crazy over your fancy rugs for living rooms & your favourite feather stuffed cushions and worst of it all, rummage the garbage bin; making a mess out of your home. Train or get your puppy trained from professional trainer from day one so you can stay sane with a pet around.

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10.    Make Cleaning a Ritual

Time and Practice work like magic when it comes to household chores. Involuntary acts of wiping, scrubbing and sorting a mess will become a daily activity with practice. A small initiative with some dedication will spare you from going bonkers over a herculean task of cleaning the entire house at once.

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