How to Protect Your Hot Tub from Winter Storms

Hot tubs have become the must-have accessory for any garden. When a big winter storm is bearing down and threatening snow, ice and a potential loss of power, there is one thing you should add to your preparation that you probably didn’t think of: protecting your hot tub from cold temperature and freezing water. It is easy to prepare your hot tub for a winter storm if you know what to do so, before you raid the supermarket for canned foods, take a few minutes to winter-proof your inflatable hot tub! If you need a hot tub repair in Manalapan, NJ, call a Janco Electric expert. You may also look for professional electricians at Shocking Difference LLC, if you need to repair your hot tub electrical wiring in Tenino, WA.

First, turn the temperature all the way up. Most hot tubs go to about 104°F, but whatever your hottest temperature is, set your hot tub as hot as it can go and ensure that the “summer” or “economy” mode is switched off. The higher the temperature being maintained in your hot tub, the longer it will take to freeze if you should lose power.

If you do lose power, do not drain the tub. If you do not have a generator, leave the hot tub cover closed. With the spa set at 104°F in a typical storm, it should stay warm for up to 5 days without power before freezing. If you do have a residential standby generator installation, plug an extension cord from the generator into a submersible pump and place the pump in the hot tub. If you are mainly relying on your generator we always recommend having getting a backup generator installation just in case. You may also want to consider using some portable generators offered by some reliable companies like Enstorageinc that can power up some medium appliances. This will add heat to the water, as well as keeping the water circulating which can help to prevent freezing. Alternatively, you can place a space heater or 100 watt bulb inside the equipment area of the spa and run it for a few hours at a time in order to provide extra heat. Once you power is restored, if you encounter any issues with your hot tub, contact the manufacturer right away.

One of the most important factors in effectively protecting your hot tub from a winter storm is having a high quality spa cover. This is one of the most important parts of a hot tub or spa and should never be overlooked. Hot tub covers ensure safety, security, energy savings, and are more than just an accessory. They will also keep out wind-blown debris and prevent things like leaves from clogging your filter and pump. If you are committed to keeping your hot tub in working condition for many years, you will need a good quality cover.

They are also very important if you have small children or pets who could fall into the hot tub, and they prevent heat from escaping, saving you energy and lowering your energy bill. High quality hot tub covers are mildew resistant and made of a high density foam. They are treated for UV and formulated to meet a cold crack rating of -28.89°C. The thicker your spa cover, the more heat loss it will prevent and the stronger it will be. This can help it stand up to pets and wildlife which may try to run across the cover. Remember, your hot tub will only last as long as you take proper care of it, so invest in a good spa cover and save yourself money and hassle down the road!

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