Updating Your Decor with Vanity Mirrors

There are many ways to keep your home updated. New doors, flooring, and windows can make your home look brand new and breathe new life into an old property.
But one of the ways many homeowners and designers update their decor is with vanity mirrors. These not only add a touch of style to your home, but they can create the illusion of more space.
The following are just some ways you can update your decor with vanity mirrors!

Vanity Anywhere

Vanity mirrors are typically placed in the bathroom. They add a beautiful addition to any bathroom and can help bring more natural light inside.
But vanity mirrors can be used anywhere in the home. Bedrooms and dining areas are great places for vanity mirrors. They can open up these spaces and enhance the decor surrounding them.
In addition, there is a wide range of styles available to match any design including rustic wood, gothic, and elegant marble. But even a simple minimal design can enhance any area.

Choosing the Vanity Mirror for You

There are a few factors you want to keep in mind when finding the right vanity mirror to update your decor. The first is its size. This will have the most significant effect on the entire space.
You can choose one large mirror or have two smaller ones. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. So choose according to the bathroom fixtures or cabinets the mirrors will be coupled with.
The size of the vanity itself will dictate the size of the mirror. Your vanity mirror should equal (or smaller) in size to the vanity. Oversized mirrors will not look good and can create an imbalance in the room.

The mirror should also allow for space between it and the vanity. Many experts recommend approximately 2–4 inches of spaces in between for best results.
Windows that allow natural light should also be considered. Your vanity mirror can enhance the amount of light in the room. So choose a size that will correspond to nearby windows.
If you’re having trouble visualizing the size you’ll need, you can use large sheets of paper in place of where the mirror will be installed. This allows you to play with different sizes and positioning so that you can choose the perfect mirror for your vanity.

Accessories for Your Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors don’t work alone. In addition to enhancing the natural light from nearby windows, consider any light fixtures, tapestry, and colors in the surrounding decor.

A vanity mirror gives you new opportunities to decorate your home. Each style will influence the items around it.

If your vanity mirror is in a small bathroom, adding the right decorations will help enhance the entire space. Perfume bottles and antique brushes are great additions to any vanity. If you are looking for the finest vintage desks from UK dealers, there is something for all tastes and budgets at Love Antiques, the home of quality antiques at competitive prices.

Vanity mirrors are a great way to update your decor. They allow you to bring in more light and space into any area in your home.

Choosing the right placement and size for your bathroom vanity mirror, as well as the accessories to match, will give your home a new look for you and your family to enjoy.

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Anne Flemings loves interior designing and is always in pursuit of the latest changes and trends in home improvement. Her other interests lies in cooking, painting and blogging. She is an enthusiast homemaker who lives in Toronto with her husband and two kids. She can be followed on twitter.

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