Easy Roofing Repairs You Can Do To Save Money

Being a homeowner is an awesome thing. But it comes at a cost. Make that a lot of costs. If you’re a new homeowner you are probably spending on money on things you wouldn’t even have thought about when you were renting. When it comes to home maintenance costs, roofing repairs can be more expensive than other home repairs. This is because roofing requires a higher level of risk getting on a tall or steep roof and specialty equipment to handle different jobs. However, as a homeowner, there are many easy fixes that you can do on your own home and extend the life of your house. Getting handyman services in Los Angeles is also not expensive and these handymen will give you the right service you need.If ever you need high quality residential roof repair in Reading, PA, choose the experts at Mast Roofing and Construction, Inc.!

Replace Missing Shingles

According to Pioneer Roofing, one of the most common commercial roofing repairs done is replacing missing shingles. Strong winds can tear or remove shingles from homes, especially as roofs age. Asphalt shingles are designed to seal together with tar strips on the bottom of each shingle. Over time shingles separate which makes them vulnerable to wind. However the process for replacing shingles in simple. 

  1. Use a flat pry bar to get under the damaged shingle and separate it from the shingles around it. Use the tip of the bar to remove old nails. 
  2. Once the broken shingles are removed, take a large piece to a commercial roofing store to match the shingle type and color. 
  3. Cut new shingles to fit and nail them in place using six pan head nails across the middle of the shingle. 

You can buy a bundle of shingles for $20-$30 at a roofing supply store or Home Depot. You might have to buy specialty ridge shingles if the shingles are missing along the ridge of the roof. 

Remove Debris From Valleys and Gutters

Redwood Roofing shared that an easy and useful practice for homeowners is to keep the valleys on your roof and your gutters clean. Leaves, branches, and other debris fall onto your roof which can cause water to pool at leak through your roofing structure. Gutters get clogged and fill with water and can sometimes leak around the eaves of your roof which will then require you to find a professional who can fix your roof leaks.

To do this job, make sure you have a steady combination ladders and a bucket to hold debris. Also, it is recommended to have someone hold your ladder securely. Once gutters are clean you may want to install leaf guards to keep debris out of your gutters. Consider also hiring this flashing roof services to remodel your home.

Fixing Pipe Flashings

The pipes in your roof have metal flashings around them to keep water flowing down the roof rather than entering around the pipe itself. Many flashings have a rubber fitting that holds tight around the pipe. Over the years the sun can crack and damage the flashing causing water to enter. Here is what you can do to fix or replace 

For minor splits in the rubber fitting, you can seal around the flashing with silicone caulking. If the breaks are big enough that your finger can fit between the pipe and the fitting you should probably replace it. To do so you’ll need a flat pry bar to get under the flashing and pull out all the nails holding it in place. You’ll want to separate the shingles around the pipe or even temporarily remove them to have more space to work. Next, you’ll slide the flashing up and off the pipe and slide the new one in place. To finish you’ll nail the edges of the flashing down and nail the shingles back in place. 

These are some roof repair and re roofing tips from reliable roofing repair services that most homeowners can do to help avoid leaks and extend the life of a roof. 

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