What you should know before installing Retractable screen systems

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Retractable screen systems (RSS) offer many benefits just like using a custom Woven Wire mesh. They are ideal for doors and windows that often need to remain open during the summer months but can’t be left open for safety or security reasons. However, before you go out and buy RSS systems or Outdoor Screen Enclosures for your home, there are a few things you should know. This article aims to inform you of those things.

1) The size of the gap in RSS matters

The gap between RSS panels can affect how well your RSS keeps bugs out. A gap that is small will not allow enough airflow to enter your home, causing your AC system to work harder than necessary and costing you more money in the process. In contrast, a too-large gap will create an opening for insects and allow cooler outside air to come inside when you don’t need it, especially at night.

2) RSS comes in a variety of sizes and styles

RSS panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Curved RSS is ideal for doors, while arched RSS works best on windows. When you visit certified service providers such as  White Aluminum St. Lucie, you have to choose an RSS that fits your door or window opening perfectly or one that is slightly larger than the opening so it can be trimmed down (at the store or by a professional) to fit perfectly.

Otherwise, you will get reduced performance from your system. If you need something more versatile, consider buying two different size units to cover both your door and window openings— adjustable height screens may also be available. These allow you to adjust them for various heights. For instance, if someone is standing outside the door or window opening, they are less likely to bend down very far to open the RSS).

3) RSS can be manual or automated, and both use the same basic design

RSS consists of two side panels that connect to a center point at their top and bottom edges—or they may be connected by hinges instead. Each panel slides up as it is pushed back into the unit and locks into place. They have a gap of approximately one inch between the panels while they are moving, allowing air to flow through freely. When you want to close RSS, push down on each panel, and they will slide back down together.

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