Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Bathroom Retreats

As modern life becomes more hectic many people are making the bathroom their own personal spa, a place to retreat and relax and get away from the worries of the day. Thirty percent would be willing to spend more than $10,000 for their bathroom remodeling project. Many homeowners decide to make their bathroom remodeling a priority and finally have the ultimate dream bathroom, according to the American Standard Bathroom Habits Survey.

To create a beautiful, relaxing space for themselves homeowners are expanding the size of bathrooms with a bathroom remodeling and adding simple luxuries like whirlpool baths, bathroom furniture and decorative fixtures. Size is the number one bathroom design trend among homeowners.

As far as fixtures are concerned a majority of Americans choose a whirlpool as the number one item they want in their bath. As the size of their bathrooms increase thanks to the bathroom remodeling, homeowners are also experimenting with armoires for television, storage or music and lounges for reading and relaxation. Homeowners are also becoming fond of using vintage furniture for vanities or for decorative purposes.

The use of different materials is another popular design trend, including materials like decorative glass, marble, natural stone, glass tile, porcelain tile, china, chrome and stainless steel.

Another way to create a relaxed and peaceful environment is through the choice of colors. Adding color to the bathroom can be as simple as a new paint color for the walls to adding some decorative tiles to a hand painted sink.

Regardless of your style and taste there are now more choices than ever to create your own personalized place of retreat and relaxation.

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