10 DIY Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

kitchenHome sellers need every advantage they can get in today’s market. While it might be nice to hire a team of home staging professionals to come in and make the house look spectacular, that will also be expensive and cut into the money received from the selling price. Fortunately, there are several do-it-yourself projects that can be accomplished that will make a home look more appealing to buyers and make it easier to sell.

Top 10 DIY projects for selling a home

1. Painting – This can give a completely fresh look to the house, inside and out. If paint is peeling on the outside, apply a new coat. Freshly painted walls on the inside can make the home seem newer and cleaner. Just be sure to pick light, neutral colors that will appeal to potential buyers. This will make rooms seem bigger, while darker colors can give rooms the appearance of being smaller.

2. The yard – Make sure the grass is mowed and the yard has been weeded. Some basic landscaping might be nice, but, again, as with the painting don’t try for anything too bold that might be a turnoff to buyers. Any bushes should also be trimmed. Add some mulch in flower beds.

3. Get rid of clutter – Go around the home and remove as many non-essential items as possible. Pack them away for the future move, donate them or throw them away. Buyers will be distracted by piles of items lying around, and the house will seem messy and cramped. This can also apply to furniture.

4. Lights – Make sure all light switches work and bulbs are in the sockets. Install bulbs that will give off a soft light but that are bright enough to eliminate shadows, which can make rooms appear smaller.

5. Cabinets – Replacing them is very expensive, but resurfacing them can make them look newer and costs much less. Replacing the knobs is also an inexpensive way to spruce them up.

6. Baseboards – These high traffic areas can take a lot of abuse. Make sure nails are flush against the wood, patch any holes and caulk the tip of the trim to the wall.

7. Kitchen – Clean the outside and inside of all appliances, wipe grease and dirt from the cabinets and scrub the sink and faucets.

8. Bathroom – Scrub all of the surfaces in the room and eliminate any mold or mildew that may have grown on the walls. This area may also need to be re-painted. Fix any leaky faucets, clean smudges from the mirrors and scrub the tile grout.

9. Eliminate odors – Use baking soda on carpets, in trash cans and refrigerators to eliminate odors that might be noticed by potential buyers.

10. Clean – Prior to showing, vacuum the carpet, mop floors and dust all furniture. Wash the windows, inside and out.

There are several relatively easy projects homeowners can do on their own to help their home sell more quickly. These can be relatively inexpensive to accomplish and will improve the chances of a sale.

Claire Atkinson writes about PEI mortgage rates at Kanetix and enjoys sharing her tips for home owners.

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