5 Benefits Of Using Landscape Mulch

Gardening can actually be an expensive and difficult task to master if you don’t have enough experience or lack the time to put into it. If you are new to gardening and want to be successful with the plants you grow then it helps to invest in some key materials like landscaping mulch and stone gravel, which you can purchase from a stone gravel supplier. You will want to find mulch that is cost-effective and easy to apply but also works to improve your garden. Providing the garden with good quality landscape design mulch offers important benefits in several different ways and the work you put in gardening would be a lot tougher without it, if your grass is not growing like you want you can always get artificial turf.

1. Less Weed and Fungus Growth

One of the most time-consuming aspects of maintaining a garden is pulling weeds. Without any type of mulch or any materials covering the ground you would be spending a lot of your gardening time trying to fight constant weed growth that is unsightly and affects your plants’ health. Some mulch can reduce weeds by a greater percentage such as rubber mulch but any type of covering will make a difference.

2. More Moisture for Soil

Without any covering for your soil, the dirt will tend to dry out quickly especially in hot weather and this can affect the ability of plants to grow. Instead of watering them more often it is easier and saves more money to use landscape mulch to hold in more moisture. The mulch keeps plants from drying out and they are better able to survive. You can even cut down on your water bills by using mulch instead of turning on the sprinklers a few times a day.

3. Regulating Soil Temperature

In areas with extreme weather changes, plants can struggle to survive if they are not adapted to that particular climate. During harsh winters plants can die as a result of frost and hot weather in the summer can make plants wither. Mulch works to regulate the temperature of the soil preventing winter hoarfrost from affecting plants and also keeping plant roots cool in the hot summer.

4. Easy to Maintain and Replace

There are several different types of mulch and some of them can very easy to maintain. You can simply cover the ground in your beginning stages of gardening and not worry about it. Mulch made out of rubber can last especially long and will not have to be replaced as often as other types of mulch. If you have wood chips these can break down eventually but you can simply add a new layer on top to replace them.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Because mulch reduces water-use it can be considered an eco-friendly choice to include in your garden. The majority of home’s water use can be attributed to their yard and any way this can be cut down will help conserve water. Mulch made from recycled items like rubber tires helps to reduce trash in landfills and uses it productively as a gardening material. There is no question that landscape mulch is a must-have for any beginner or even experienced gardener.

Maintaining your homes landscaping like getting tree trimming is as important as maintaining the rest of your home.  Many home buyers make an immediate decision on a home based on how they feel when pulling into the drive way for a showing. Jana Stone is a Quality and Development Specialist at Rubber Bark and she oversees the production side of Rubber Bark’s many faceted production force.

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