4 Tips to Help Your Home Become More Organized

We all want it, but many of us aren’t sure how to get it. What is it? An organized home. Here are four easy tips to get you started on the right track.

    1. Determine Your Hot Spots

Every house has ‘hot spots’. These are places where things seem to cluster and create big piles of mess. Take a critical look at your house and determine where the hot spots are. Now think even deeper and figure out why that particular spot is such a problem. Are papers constantly piling up on your front hall bench? Place a basket there for incoming mail, or better yet, immediately take the mail to your desk and file appropriately.

    1. Get Rid of Items No Longer in Use

We hold onto our ‘stuff’ for a myriad of reasons. We may be sentimental about that coffee mug from Grandma, or we may think that someday we will actually have a use for that goofy looking hat with the moose eyes. It’s time to get serious and get rid of things if you have not used them within the last year. If you absolutely cannot bear to get rid of them, then at least get them out of your house. Whether its Atlanta GA storage or some storage center in your local area, there are self storage unit complexes all over the country. ┬áSo if you just can’t get rid of your stuff, but you don’t want it taking up space around the house, there are several storage options to choose from.

    1. Have Children? Storage Space is a Necessity

Couples with children often have a harder time staying organized than childless couples. With kids come toys, clothes and other gear that can clutter up the house in a hurry. If you’re done having children, then get rid of it. If you are planning on having more children and want to save things like your swing, bassinet and highchair, then a good option would be looking at a company like the one in Fayetteville Extra Space Storage. You won’t have to buy new for the next baby, and those big bulky items will be out of your way.

    1. Maintenance is Easier Than Catch-Up

Let this be your mantra. It is much, much easier to maintain a clean and organized space than it is to create one. So once you have uncluttered, eliminated hot spots and stored some items away from your home, stay on top of it. Simply add it right to your to-do list. Every night spend twenty minutes or so making sure everything is where it should be.
Follow these tips for a more organized, less stressed life. You can do it!

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