Home Improvements: Six Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Image result for choosing a contractorWhen it’s time to choose a contractor, you want one who is reliable, reasonably priced and dedicated to customer service like the I-Grace Greenwich CT. All of the phone book listings and newspaper articles may tell you that a certain contractor fits this description, but you cannot count on those advertisements. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your roofing contractor is everything you need him or her to be.

Better Business Bureau

Look for a company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau. You will want to make sure the company does not have any unresolved issues. It’s normal for a company to have a few complaints, but these should have been resolved in some manner. Contractors who are not members at all should probably be avoided. If the contractor has an extensive list of complaints, you should definitely continue your search.

Licensing is Important

It takes time for a contractor to obtain a license. There are fees involved, and there are usually some forms and red tape to deal with. While verifying a license is not a sure-fire method for finding a top contractor, it will help you find one who is committed to the business.

“Most contractors who get licensed are more serious about providing quality service than those who do not take the time to get licensed,” said Daniel Gothe, a roofing contractor in St Louis. “Getting licensed does take quite a bit of time and money and people who aren’t serious about providing a good service usually aren’t willing to put in the effort.” Therefore, always remember to visit the website of the residential roofing replacement and installation company you are considering to hire to check for their roofing contractor licenses.

Memberships are Good

Like a business license, being a member with certain associations does not guarantee a contractor is going to be the best one. However, it makes it much more likely. Contractors who are serious about offering top services will invest in these memberships to keep up with training and ensure they are keeping up with new technologies and other changes in the field.

Call the References

A reputable contractor can provide you with references, but it’s up to you to make the calls. Ask them if they would hire the company again, if they were satisfied with the work and if the contractor was professional and courteous. Find out if work was completed on time, if the work site was cleaned up each day and if there were any concerns.

Look in the Middle

You get what you pay for, but you also don’t want to pay too much. People who go with the lowest priced bids are often disappointed with the finished project, but some contractors charge prices well above normal market levels. Look for a company that prices out the project somewhere in the middle.

Insurance Required

What happens if a worker is injured while replacing your roof or working on the siding? If the business is not insured, that worker could file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. Protect yourself by insisting on insured contractors.

Follow these tips to help you find a great contractor when the time comes. Finding a reputable contractor is not hard, but it will take a little research on your part. Ask about license, memberships and insurance, and take the time to check their record with the BBB and references.

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