Three Ways to Use Hardwood On Walls

When thinking of hardwood, the first decorating idea that usually comes to mind is flooring, flooring and more flooring. Recently, there has been a new and innovative idea that has taken the hardwood industry to another level – eyelevel. Like this VidaSpace company that offers a wide variety of stunning timber products to enhance the beauty and integrity of virtually any property.

Homeowners have started to incorporate hardwood in rooms that typically would have never before been a candidate for designing with hardwoods by installing Woodgrain Wall Paneling. Who says hardwood is just for flooring? After all, rules are made to be broken! We’re not talking about your old fashioned wood paneling; we’re talking about beautiful cherry accents to white oak veneer to compliment any space in your home.

If you’re looking for a way to update a boring wall or empty space, think about using hardwoods or stucco (see Depend Exteriors website for installation) as opposed to paint. Try one or all of these ideas for a vertical take on a classic look.

Hardwood as a backdrop

korus-wall-wood-tv-newA fantastic way to add an accent to a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture is to simply add a section of hardwood behind the headboard of the bed. Headboards are a fantastic way to spice up the look of a bed, but instead of merely painting one wall a different color, add a section of hardwood to compliment the color and design of the furniture. If installing hardwood on a wall in a child’s room, the timeless look of the hardwood will remain in style as the child grows from a crib and moves into a full size bed. Why not add cozy furniture like wood bedside tables to make your bedroom more conducive?

If you like it, hang a TV on it

Hanging a flat screen on a wall can be a nice way to showcase a beautiful HD or 3D television. Often overlooked, the wall a flat screen hangs from is not given as much attention as the television itself. Installing hardwood to a wall space and hanging a television, gives an eye popping look to an otherwise lackluster wall. It is a much more attractive look than staring at a blank space surrounding your TV. It is certain to make for an interesting conversation piece during your next dinner party!

A beautiful setting for photos

korus-playroom_wall-newStairwells, foyers and hallways are a perfect place to showcase your family photos or pieces of eclectic art. Displayed in beautiful frames, these photographed memories deserve a beautiful backdrop to call home. By taking a small wall area of your home like the foyer, install hardwoods and rehang your photos. You can easily spruce up this space and display your photos on top of a lovely framework. Time, money and effort go into having photos shot and framed, why not display these pieces of art on a stunning hardwood veneer. It’s like adding a frame to your framed photos!

Integrating hardwood on your walls is a creative way to start decorating your home. The design ideas for implementing hardwoods on walls have no limitations. Make sure the product is suitable for installation before beginning your project. Lay the boards diagonally, vertically or horizontally. The possibilities are endless. After experimenting with these design ideas, you’re sure to soon desire your home to be covered in wood from floor to ceiling.

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Korus Wood Flooring specializes in residential engineered hardwood flooring. Available in over 50 styles, including a variety of colors and patterns, our acrylic impregnated wood flooring is built to withstand the highest traffic, customized specifically for your home.

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