Four Unique Ideas to Improve Your Home Value

Although you may not be placing your home on the market tomorrow, the home improvement projects you plan today can help you to get top dollar by improving your home’s resale value. Although there are numerous projects you can start with, here are four great ideas that promise to return the most value for your investment of time and money.

  1. Kitchen Upgrades

improve your home value with four unique ideasTransform your kitchen into an energy-efficient one by replacing old fashioned and worn out appliance models with new energy efficient substitutes. You could also learn more on how you can repair those applications. Look for Energy-star rated appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves which offer superior performance and use less energy. Investing in these energy-efficient appliances entitle you to sales rebates which can save you additional money. And when the time comes to show your home to a future prospective buyer, they will be impressed that the kitchen is already outfitted with the best money and energy saving devices. Research shows that kitchen renovation efforts can recoup as much as 120% of the money investment in the upgrade.

  1. Exterior Replacements

Installing new home gutters or replacing outworn ones may not rank among the most glamorous home improvement projects, but is the best for improving home value. Not only do properly fitted gutters immediately increase your home’s curb appeal, they also protect the overall structure of your home by helping to divert and collect rainwater so that it doesn’t pool near the foundation of the house and cause structural deterioration that can quickly add up to major repair expense.

  1. Perfect Paints

A third surefire way to increase your home’s value is to invest in a paint job both for interior and exterior surfaces. You will make the house look more appealing, cleaner and well maintained. Although you may not be able to do anything to change the size of your rooms or their configuration, a new coat of paint in the right color can do wonders inside to brighten dark rooms and make smaller rooms appear to more spacious. Try adding new decorations and mirrors to make rooms look appealing and spacious.

  1. Bathroom Investing

A fourth idea to increase your home’s value, is to add another bathroom if your property currently only has one. Families today need more than one bathroom, though older homes usually were built with only one facility. By adding a second bathroom or even a half bath that contains a toilet and sink, you immediately boost the resale value of your home with prospective buyers who won’t consider even looking at properties listing less than 1.5 baths. If you can’t afford a large remodel always make bathrooms look extra clean. As one of the main selling points, your bathroom should look the best it can for potential buyers.

While you are considering a big move in your life, get a head start on selling your house with these tips. Your rooms should look brighter, bigger and full of life when getting ready to sell. This can also help you with ideas for your new home.

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