3 Areas of Your Home that Could Use a Spruce

Deep cleaning a home usually involves vacuuming the carpets and washing the floors, baseboards and windows in a routine that occurs a few times a year. However, there are those spaces in our home that desperately need touch ups that we have probably been neglecting for years now. Here are three ideas to help “spruce” up your home:

Tackling the Office

Home offices offer a place to focus on work projects without distractions, and their popularity is increasing. Forbes reported that 52 percent of small businesses are based at home, creating the opportunity to have a convenient workplace within walking distance. The Internal Revenue Service allows tax deductions when an office is used for the exclusive purpose of work related activities. Organization is a key to having a work space that is productive. Piles of mail and papers create a disorderly appearance, and time is lost in looking for a needed item. Efficiency experts recommend handling paper only one time, requiring a decision to file it, dispose of it or act on it. Taking time to eliminate clutter can spruce up a home office effectively. If you don’t have a home office yet because you just don’t have the space for it in your house but you have always wanted to have that tranquil place where you can work, you can always seek out for an office space for rent.

Installing Shelves in Children’s Rooms

Toys and books on the floor deprive children of the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful space. Shelves provide a place to put things away, and education experts recommend orderliness as a standard practice. By incorporating storage space in a child’s room, two purposes are accomplished: lack of clutter and a positive learning experience. As children learn to put away one item in order to use another, the need for straightening a room diminishes. Children can take pride in practicing good habits that gain approval from parents.

Cleaning the Garage

A huge task awaits a home owner who wants to reclaim garage space that is often used for other purposes than housing a car. A successful cleaning involves removing all contents, sorting them for future use or disposal and replacing them in an orderly sequence. After everything is removed from the garage, this presents a great opportunity to clean your garage floor. Experts of Surface Cleaning Indianapolis suggest cleaning the surface of your garage every few years to eliminate grime and oil stains. Reorganizing a garage requires at least one weekend to remove and sort items, followed by another weekend to install shelves and put away possessions properly. We also recommend taking this time to run a quick inspection and make sure you check the doors to see if a garage door opener repair or garage door replacement is needed.

Home owners can enjoy the results of a cleaning project that includes planning and organizing. While more difficult that using a mop and a vacuum, designing and implementing orderly systems makes a significant difference in the livability of a home.

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