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  • woman fell off the stairs

    Most common places for slip and fall accidents

    Slip and fall accidents are something most people hear about on the news, but they never consider that it might happen to them. Even if it does, most are unaware of the serious and life-altering injuries that can result from toppling to the ground. If you’re looking for lawyers for that, the oilfield accident attorney in […]

  • Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions & NCST Partnership Contracts Another Affordable Baltimore Home

    RPS Solutions LLC is a company that provides homeownership assistance for first-time buyers in the Baltimore area. RPS Solutions recently completed a new contract for a first-time buyer, Tajh Flagg & Leah Hall Flagg, with a property at 1126 Elbank Ave in Baltimore, Maryland. This stunning sunlit EOG townhomes feature absolutely gorgeous hardwood floors, custom […]

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    If A Client is Injured During a House Showing, Who is Liable?

    One of the last things anyone expects is for a potential buyer of a home to be injured during a showing. If this type of accident occurs, who is liable for the victim’s injuries? If the real estate broker or homeowner had reason to know that there was a hazardous or dangerous condition on the […]

  • Questions to Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Home

    As life changes, so too do your demands for what you want in a home and having your existing home remodeled is something that more and more people are keen to do. I did it myself two years ago, my partner and I bought our first home in our 20s and as our careers progressed, […]

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    So You Want To Be A Contractor

    Saying that you want to be a contractor is probably one of the most vague, general statements you could make about a career. By definition, a contractor works on a project by project basis from a contract. A independent contractor provides services to a company, who is doing work for a homeowner or business or […]

  • How to Spring Clean Your Pool

    We’re approaching spring time! That beautiful time of year when the sun comes out and you realize it is possible to be happy again! It also means it’s time for some spring cleaning. If you’ve got a backyard pool or spa (above or below ground), now is the time to start cleaning it out with […]

  • Want to Buy a Fixer Upper? How to Pick The Best One

    Today, plenty of people are waking up and moving into their new homes, and you feel a twinge of jealousy. It’s been awhile since you made any sort of major purchase, and you feel that the time has come to purchase a home. However, it’s going to be different this time around. You want to […]

  • 5 Legal Terms That Might Just Save Your Home

    Legal jargon means a lot. There’s no room for assumptions. If you use the wrong language, it could cost you a lot of money. It’s why so many people hire property lawyer calgary to defend or push their cases forward. Here are five legal terms that might just save your assets in the middle of […]

  • 7 Crazy Homes That Might Be Difficult To Insure

    Homes come in so many styles and varieties, but there’s one thing they all share in common – the need for homeowners insurance. While there may be several perks to owning a less than conventional home, finding insurance isn’t one of them. If you are looking for an insurance for your home, contact Bear River […]