3 Water Features That Can Increase The Comfort Of Your Home +100 More Ideas

3 Water Features That Can Increase The Comfort Of Your HomeIf you want to skip to the end of this post, that’s where all the pictures of the 100 water feature ideas are fyi.

After coming home after a long day, there are few things that are as soothing as the aesthetic nature of a nice water feature. The calming sound of running water, the smooth feeling as it runs through your fingers, or the relaxing feeling you get while taking a bath. All of these are perfect reasons for including water features in your home, along with many of your own personal reasons. Here are three water features that can increase the comfort of your home, and turn your normal home into a lavish and luxurious place of coziness.

    1. Water Fountain

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when thinking of a water feature is a water fountain. Many believe that water fountains can add to the feng shui of a home and make you feel more cozy and comfortable. For others, hearing the soothing sound of a fountain can add to relaxation while meditating or reading a book. Water fountains have become quite extravagant and can be created as you desire. For example, if you want something simple, you can have a smaller fountain in the corner of your home. But for some, they choose to make water fountains that begin in one room and travel their way throughout the house. The options are quite limitless when it comes to creating a water fountain, as is the pleasure you will get form having one in your home.

    1. In Home Hot Tub

A hot tub or oversized bath is something that perfectly compliments a home or bathroom. After a long day at work or with the kids, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in an oversized bath or hot tub to relax. You can enjoy the feeling of jets against your back for an even greater massage experience. Better yet, these oversized baths or a hot tub for 2 people are perfect to share with your partner. There are few better ways to relax than to relax with one another in a comfortable amenity for your home.

    1. Modern Shower Head

Even if you don’t have the financial means or the space to build an elaborate fountain or install a large hot tub in your home, you can still spruce up your bathroom with a new shower head. Many modern shower heads come with a variety of features that will make you feel like you are showering in a rainforest. Some of these features include lights that display different patterns to give your bathroom a more relaxing feel, while other shower heads will release aromas during your shower. The best part about these shower heads is that they are certainly consumer friendly and they wont break the bank when installing in your home. Make sure you get deep tone chimes as an addition.
There are many things that you can do to add enjoyment and relaxation to your home. Many of these things can be seen with the inclusion of water features. Consider any of the water features on this list to increase the comfort in your own house.

And now for the 100+ Ideas:

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