House Needing a Facelift? 5 Low Budget Eye Poppers

You may have recently looked at your house and noticed that it is in serious need of a face lift and what most people think about doing is getting a residential roof replacement when they’re about to sell their home, but even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon, it’s important to the value of your house, and your investment, that you keep on top of updates that will give your place a modern appeal. Not every update has to break the bank. Try these five low-budget tips for perking up your real estate.

1. Painting or siding

Changing and refreshing the color inside or outside your home adds instant appeal with relatively low cost. You can tackle painting projects yourself with a little time and effort. For a more permanent solution to update your home’s exterior, consider siding as an option. This is a job for professionals. Consider looking into siding in Indianapolis for experience and help.

2. Landscaping

Curb appeal not only adds value to your home, but can also help you get more enjoyment and use from your yard. It can be as simple as conducting lawn treatment and lawn care tasks such as regularly mowing the lawn and taking care of stray weeds. Get more garden and lawn tips from the best online gardening blog. Invest a little more time and money by planting shrubs or creating flower beds. Research the best plants for your area at a local nursery for tips on planting and maintenance.

3. Updating fixtures

Simple updates to plumbing and lighting fixtures can update the look of your home instantly. Many of these projects are DIY and can be inexpensive. Replace faucets, fixtures and shower heads in your bathrooms. Adding a ceiling fan to living rooms or bedrooms can look great and also help cool your home more efficiently.

4. Re-facing kitchen appliances or countertops

You don’t have to go out and buy all new appliances or countertops to give your kitchen and updated look. There are many options available for re-facing and resurfacing. For example, dishwashers often have a front panel that is easily interchangeable. Also, certain paints or creative tiling can give a completely new look to countertops.

5. Carpeting

If you can’t afford to completely replace your carpet, rent a professional cleaner to eliminate years of dirt and stains. If you have nice floors underneath, like hardwood, pull the carpet up yourself and buff the wood for a rich, rustic look.

Giving your home a face lift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Keeping up-to-date with changes in your home, however, can put more money in your wallet when it comes time to sell.

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