4 Top Benefits Of External Wall Coatings

External wall coatings have a number of benefits for you and your home and it is important that you understand the process of installing the coating before you jump into investing. You should also inspect the condition of your walls beforehand. You might find out that your walls have been infested by termites and you’ll need professional termite control services. If this is the case, make sure to contact a termite control specialist who can provide expert termite control assistance right away.

A spray instead of a paintbrush makes them a lot easier to apply and usually makes them a lot quicker too.

 What Are the Benefits of External Wall Coatings?

Depending on the type of wall coating you choose, you will find a bunch of different benefits. Four top benefits you can achieve include:

Water Proofing

Because of the uncontrollable English weather, it is important that the brickwork and the cement of your house is protected from the rain and hail, in order to avoid any problems later down the line. This is why all external wall coatings will be extremely water and weather proof, providing you with protection for years to come.

Breathable Wall Coatings

The main problem with old fashion wall coatings is that whilst they provide excellent insulation. They can also often trap moisture, which can cause a huge problem for your home with damp.

However, with new wall coatings, you will be provided the same insulation features, but this new coating will allow moisture to escape, preventing damp and stopping any disasters that may occur.

Bring Your Personality Outside.

The main way of making your house your own is to decorate the inside and add some personal touches to each room using décor. However, it is now possible to decorate the outside of your home using wall coatings that will add a bit of colour and brightness to your home, making your home an eye catcher on the street.


As mentioned earlier, these coverings can provide insulation, giving the same coverage that cavity wall insulations give, including minimising heating costs and being better for the environment. They can also help with noise prevention if you live near a busy road or a railway station.

All of these benefits should be enough to make you want to contact your local builder and get a suitable exterior wall cover as soon as possible.

What Types of Materials are There to Choose From?

This process takes a couple of days depending on the weather, so it may be a good idea to check the weather in advance, choosing a time where the weather is said to be clear, or as clear as possible.

You can choose from a variety of brick materials, including concrete bricks, wire cut bricks and reclaimed bricks. Reclaimed are the most popular out of the three because of their appearance.

There are also natural stones to choose from, including – marble, granite and limestone. These materials do not have the same insulation and weather resistant properties as some of the other materials on their own, but they do have a more attractive appearance than some of the others.

How can I get this cover?

Most businesses will charge for an inspection of your home to assess what type of external wall coatings you need. Although free quotations are often available. Then all you need to do is decide on a date and payment.

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