3 Things Home Owners Should Know About Plumbing Projects

When you rent an apartment, you may not know just how great you have it. If a certain utility breaks, you can just ask maintenance to fix it.

Once you own your own home, however, you discover just how much time, money and hassle goes into fixing these issues.

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However, a lack of experience when it comes to fixing a damaged utility means you should not try to solve the problem on your own. This is especially true of your water utilities and plumbing. That’s why it is recommended to call an expert such as the plumber campbelltown to help you.

Read on to discover some important facts about home plumbing projects!

How often should I plan for residential plumbing projects?

This is sort of like asking how often you ought to plan to shop for new clothes. Once per new season is a pretty standard answer, though it is not always the best plan.

Another issue is deciding what sort of indoor plumbing work you want to do around the house. Be sure to at least do each of the following:

  • Protect and prepare your pipes for winter to avoid frozen pipes that may burst
  • Check for signs of water damage
  • Inspect your plumbing for leaks once every few months, or right away if you notice weak water pressure
  • Adjust your water heater in the summer to a low temp to save money on your electric bill

Do residential plumbing projects cost a lot?

The nature of each project is unique. Budgets, time frames and urgency are all connected. In other words, some projects will cost thousands of dollars, while others might be free if they are covered by home owner’s insurance.


Set aside some money when you first move into your home for emergencies. This will prevent you and your family from being without plumbing in the event of a burst pipe or other emergency. As for repiping an old home or replacing a leaky faucet, you can probably wait until you have some extra cash to pay for such a plumbing project


A burst pipe or water main needs to be addressed right away. Make sure you know how to shut off the water in your home to prevent flooding, as well as which utility company to call to report the damage. Leaks should be fixed in a hurry as well to prevent mold, but there is no use panicking over a clogged toilet (well, unless you only have one, in which case it may be pretty urgent to contact emergency plumbing geelong).

Time frames

Burst pipes or leaks that cause mold need to be fixed within a day or less. These projects should not take long, but repiping or installing new fixtures throughout the house may take days or even weeks.

How do I find a plumbing project expert?

Look online for reviews of local plumbing contractors to start. If you need professional drain cleaning services, you may ask friends or family for a trusted plumber’s name. You can even use social media to learn more about plumbing contractors!

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