5 Cheap Ways To Maintain Your Home Before The Cold

As winter approaches, it is important to do some maintenance to a home in order, to get it ready for the cold weather. When a home is properly winterized, it will keep the home warm and energy efficient. This will help to save some money on electric bills. Here are five inexpensive ways to maintain a home before the chilly weather sets in.

Insulate The Water Heater

For homes with a proper water heater installation that they can then make use of, heating hot water normally accounts for one-quarter of energy usage in a home. This means that it will be helpful to wrap a water heater with insulation. As you are doing this, first inspect it to make sure it’s running fine and that you don’t need a water heater replacement. We all need warm water basically everyday, so having a properly running water heater is essential. If you have done so and have moved on to the insulation, you should know that it is simple to buy a plastic or fiberglass insulating blanket at a local home improvement store.

If you’re considering this, you should know that there is plenty of good news. Firstly, these items are inexpensive and easy to install. In the end, this purchase should pay for itself in under one year. If you have any other issues with you water heating system like water heater repair, you may check out Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. here!

Roof Repairs

Before winter, it is always wise to inspect the roof for leaks. When a homeowner is in need of residential roof repair in Indianapolis, it is smart to hire an experienced company like Coomer Roofing Co. These professionals will clean and inspect guttering to make sure that they are free of dirt, holes, and other damage. It is also the time for these professionals to replace old or loose shingles. A chimney inspection is also a smart idea. This will prevent a fire in the home when a fireplace is being used more frequently. Finally, it is essential to examine the ceilings for stains or signs of water leakage. Uncovering and fixing problems early will save time, money, and future headaches.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Money is definitely wasted on a manual thermostat. For a low cost, it is much better to use a programmable product. These items are plentiful in any hardware or home improvement store, and are relatively inexpensive. They will help a person regulate temperature in the house by automatically turning down the heat when no one is around the house, or when everyone is sleeping. It can be programmed for any time of day or night.

Insulate The Attic

The attic is usually the coldest part of the home during cold winter months. In order to keep the outside temperatures out of this space, it is helpful to add insulation. Adding a foot of insulation to the attic will lower heating costs, since no warm air will be able to escape. For a few hundred dollars, the home will be made very energy efficient, and maintain a comfortable temperature that is free from drafts.

Seal Air Leaks

Over time, windows, doors, and other outlets may begin to leak air. This means that money is flying out of the home. It is easy to seal leaks with a cheap tube of caulking. In no time, seals will become airtight and be able to keep heat inside the home.

The above tips are some useful and inexpensive ways to maintain the home before cold weather strikes. The will help a homeowner save money, and remain comfortable in the house. With little effort, it is possible to make the house more energy efficient and ready for winter.

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