How To Tell If My Window Needs To Be Replaced Or Repaired

Windows are essential features in every home and if you live in a classic style home chances are that your windows are fairly old and are showing signs of wear and tear. You may love the windows style and character but the fact is that you will be faced with deteriorating frames that let in cold air and increases in your energy bills. There may be broken or cracked glass and the window mechanism may not be functioning effectively. Specialists from a company like sunshine coast windows services are the ones you need to call on if in such cases you may be confused whether to repair or replace your windows. Contact a glass repair company and they will assess whether you need to have a glass window repair or you need to replace your windows.

Retrofitting and Repairing

It is definitely the homeowner’s choice to go in for repairs or replacement after weighing the pros and cons of both alternatives. Some may argue that older windows are more durable than the new materials of replacement windows and it is better to go with repairing rather than replacement windows. In such cases glass can be replaced and the older frame can be retained.

You can get energy efficient double or triple pane glass in many design choices which can be fitted to the older frame additional weather stripping and caulking can be added. Sashes can be changed and single pane glass can be changed to energy saving double pane glass. This will achieve best of both in terms of classic appeal with energy savings due to the sophisticated materials. Some homeowners may find replacement windows above their budget limits, so repairing would be the better choice.

Retrofitting is a good alternative if you value the old style historic appeal of your windows and they add to the curb value of your home. Painting, fixing broken glass, changing the hardware and hinges and adding insulation is all that takes to preserve your valuable old windows. If the wood is rotting in some spots and you have broken seals it can also be fixed to some extent. But ensure that you use top quality materials from established companies that manufacture and replace windows to get optimum results and value for money. In some cases you may increase the classic value of your home by repairing rather than replacing your windows.

Signs That Signal Need for Window Replacing

However, it is never a rule that windows that are more than 15 years old need to be repaired and preserved. There may be many signs that your older windows are beyond repair and that you will benefit from a home window replacement.

  • Skyrocketing energy consumption bills
  • Badly damaged paintwork (older frames need regular painting work)
  • Cleaning and maintaining is a major issue
  • Difficult to find replacement parts
  • Frames are completely deteriorated
  • Bad condensation problems
  • Tough to open or close and badly damaged locking systems
  • Rotting wood

If you are planning on replacement windows it is important to educate yourself about these types of windows to get the best benefits. Understand the ratings, glass coatings, and materials that go into making premium quality replacement windows. It is vital that you deal with leading manufacturers and installation companies like Champion, Pella, Andersen for windows and doors that have excellent references to derive cost effective deals for replacement windows.

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