Did Somebody Say Remodel? 5 High Impact Remodel Ideas

There are several remodel ideas that have an immediate, spectacular effect on the home and they can be be very trendy. This is a list of ideas that any one alone will have big positive impact.

Wood is a Great Way to Make an Impact

Whether in huge window and door frames, hard wood floors or hand rails, ornate woodwork stands out. With the increase in popularity of timber frame homes, workmanship is making a comeback. With ornate mantels or counter-tops, you can have a one-of-a-kind piece that none can duplicate. Accent ceiling beams with molding to bring out some architectural character.

Standard or Custom Wainscot Transforms a Room

Exciting variations of wainscot can also warm up a room. Deep grains and beautiful stains for bedrooms rooms and studies, or paint the wood for a county home charm. Standard styles can be bought as a panel that are easily put up, but the best versions are handmade.

Natural Lighting Excites the Senses

Not only to save power and think green, natural lighting has become a tool architects rely on in modern offices and custom homes. Natural lighting makes us feel more energetic, and it makes us feel like we’re part of the life and activities around us. Open up a roof and put skylights in with the help of a skylight contractor in New Hope, PA. Bigger windows or a glass door replacement can make a huge impact in a room as well.

Move Outside

There is a lot of new equipment being made by some of the best companies in the business allowing you to build beautiful outdoor living areas, primarily kitchens and dining rooms. Sense the evolution of the barbecue and picnic table. Imagine a masonry or stone grill, with a nice patio and dining set. Now, add a regular range, refrigerator, oven and a whole set of lower cabinets. Accent the whole area with brick or stone work, and before long you’ve built a retreat you’ll never want to leave. If you’re looking to get your oven cleaned or repaired, check out this great oven repair company.

Hot Water Manifolds Before Going Tankless

Have a plumber install a hot water manifold. Though touted as the way to avoid the wait when turning on the hot water. Most tankless water heater systems are not quite delivering completely on that promise, but they do tend to be more reliable. However, it is important to contact a water heater repair company for professional water heater repair services if you notice anything that is malfunctioning. If your water heater is beyond serviceable, then you may consider having a new tankless water heater installation with the help of professional tankless water heater contractors. There is no changing the fact that cold water must be pushed out of the pipe before the hot water can run through. With a hot water manifold, you will shorten the distance to the fixture, and cut down on the volume of water in the line. Visual impact? No. Improvement on comfort? Big time. A CCTV Drain Survey London might also be able to help you if you are experiencing drain problems.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

The crawlspace is usually written off as unusable, and for good reason. Dead dirt smell, too short to be comfortable, and too easy to find insects and varmints. Encapsulation allows you to make this space usable by sealing it. During the process add lighting and you will have a much more pleasant space for storage and for it’s original purpose which is inspection and repair of your house’s systems. Fix vents, a clogged drain, and insulation in a much more usable work space. If you do have headroom you will gain inhabitable space. Add doors or reach-in panels for full access to it.

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