Five Ways To Make Your Backyard a Beautiful Oasis

After a long, hard day there’s no better place to relax than a peaceful, verdant backyard. Whether you’re looking for a major project or a quick addition, you can rejuvenate and invigorate your soul with these alterations to your backyard paradise.

1. Add a water feature

Nothing says relaxation like the sound of running water. Any backyard can be improved by the addition of a water feature. Water features come in all sizes from small pot fountains to larger waterfalls with ponds. Not only does the calming flow of water soothe the soul, but it also helps block out noise from loud neighbors and nearby traffic.

2. Pamper your lawn

Healthy grass is a key component of a backyard sanctuary. For beautiful grass, save shredded grass clippings and dead leaves and sprinkle them across your back yard. The nitrogen in these materials acts as a natural fertilizer. Sow new grass seed in the early fall rather than spring. Compost mixed with the seeds will ensure that your lawn remains healthy. You can increase soil breathability by using an Exmark commercial aerator. For bare shady spots, add wood ash or lime to encourage coverage. You may also consider using high-quality turf, which is great for home landscaping projects.

3. Build the backyard around a centerpiece

Every backyard should have at least one central focus. Structures like gazebos, arbors or pergolas provide centerpieces for the perfect backyard. You can develop a comprehensive garden design based around meaningfully placed statues, outdoor fireplace and water features. Keeping the focus of attention on one or several spots in your garden allows you to build a relaxing space outward.

4. Incorporate seating

No backyard haven is complete without comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating. Depending on your needs, you might select lawn chairs or a classic wooden swing. You can even transform backyard features like rock walls into seating with the addition of a few cushions. Consider adding a hammock for the ultimate in summertime relaxation.

5. Don’t forget the little things

Although it may seem unimportant, small touches in a backyard can mean the difference between a mediocre resting place and a tranquil hideaway. Consider adding wind chimes, decorative wooden birdhouses, and bird feeders to your backyard. Don’t forget nighttime beauty. Lights comes in all shapes and luminosities. A few solar lights or some paper lanterns can transform any yard into a fairyland.

Improving your backyard space doesn’t have to be a frustrating chore. Any backyard can be transformed into a relaxing retreat, whether it’s by providing care to your lawn or adding furniture.

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