The Best Flooring For Mudrooms and Entryways

It’s no secret that the areas of your home where people are coming and going the most end up having the most wear and tear. When it comes to foot traffic, entryways and mudrooms often see the most of it. It can be tough to choose the right flooring for rooms like these. Similarly to using asphalt for a driveway, you’ll want something durable that can withstand a lot of traffic and water damage, but also flooring that is easy to clean. On the other hand, you want to make sure your mudroom and entryway flooring is stylish and complements your home’s décor.

You don’t want flooring that makes your guests feel like they’re entering an industrial building when they first walk into your home. If your home is suffering from sinking, uneven concrete slabs, you may hire residential concrete mudjacking services. And if you want to have a new driveway, you may consider getting help from a professional paving contractor. Here are some good-looking and sturdy flooring options from this Fort Worth Paving Contractor for your home’s mudroom or entryway.

Tile & Stone

Tile and stone flooring are both popular options for mudroom and entryway flooring. Tile flooring is tough, water-resistant, and easy to clean with a damp towel and some tile cleaner. This makes it a great choice for mudroom flooring, because you can easily wipe up any muddy messes or spills on the floor (and walls, if you decide to use tile for them as well).

Stone flooring is used more often in entryways than mudrooms, partly because it is a bit harder to clean but mostly because of its appearance. Stone entryways are very visually appealing; they add a feeling of grandeur to any home. People also love using stone flooring in their entryways because its earthy tones tend to complement a wide range of styles of home décor. If you’re set on using stone flooring in your mudroom – because let’s admit, it looks gorgeous – a simple trick to hide dirt is to use a dark, warm neutral shade for your flooring.

Hardwood & Laminate

If you feel like your entryway or mudroom needs more warmth, then hardwood and laminate are both smart options. Hardwood and laminate both add a richer, warmer feeling to any room. The only issue with using these flooring types in a mudroom or entryway is that they can be tricky to clean well and they can become scuffed and scratched. For entryways, hardwood flooring is fine as long as you choose a product that ranks highly on the Janka hardness scale, and you make sure the flooring is sealed well.

As for mudrooms, laminate flooring is your better option. Laminate flooring has the look and feel of hardwood, but at a much cheaper price. You should still ensure that your laminate flooring has good quality and durability and that it is sealed properly. Ask your local flooring specialist – such as Floor Coverings International – about the value of sealing hardwood and laminate floors, and what they use for sealant. On the other hand, you won’t have to constantly worry about scratches, scuffs and dirt. This is due to the lower price point; plus, laminate is more resistant to wear and tear than hardwood.

With all of the different variations, colors, and styles of these four main flooring types, you are sure to find some flooring that’s perfect for your mudroom or entryway!

Lenny Cravits writes about home improvement, interior design, and interior decor. He enjoys writing about both classic styles & the latest trends.

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