Four Outdoor Projects to Complete Before Winter

Preparing your yard for winter is the best way to ensure that it will look beautiful again in the spring. Often times we put these projects off as long as we can, due to time or money constraints. We always want to do what is best for our homes though, and being proactive will pay for itself in the future. These four outdoor projects will protect your yard from winter, minimize the potential damage of winter storms, and open the gate to next year’s beauty.

Preparing Trees For Winter

Trim your trees for the winter with the help of a tree trimming service so they look nice, and are prepared for new growth in the spring. Leaving dead branches on trees is a safety hazard for both people and property if the dead branches fall. Shape your trees easily to promote health and growth using loppers. If the tree is tall, consider using a ladder or a tree removal and hiring the job out.

Preparing Flower Beds and Bushes For Winter

Everything we said about trees goes for the bushes too. Bushes especially can hide debris, or animal holes that are not beneficial to your yard. Trim the bushes and you’ll be amazed at how it beautifies the entire yard. This is also a good time to repair any borders and add mulch. Flower beds need regular maintenance to remain as a fresh host for colorful flowers. In the fall it’s good to freshen up the overall appearance by taking out weeds, restructuring and replacing border parts, and taking out any dead foliage. Once flowers die or freeze, remove them so the bed can rest bare for the winter and be ready to go for new flowers, whether annuals or perennials, in the spring time.

Preparing The Lawn For Winter

Preparing your lawn for winter is vital for it to come back in the spring looking like new. That’s why some homeowners would recommend you to use lawn tractors in doing so because of it’s efficiency. Pick out any weeds in the grass as much as possible. If you live in a cold climate, weeds will die, but you don’t want dead weeds sitting in the lawn, as they’ll inhibit the new grass growth in the spring. Take care of them today to promote a lush lawn tomorrow. While you’re at it, remove anything else that doesn’t belong in the lawn such as stones, branches, and other debris. Once most of the leaves have fallen, begin to rake them up. An excess of dead leaves can also inhibit lawn growth. Try to eliminate as many leaves as possible before the first freeze. Keep the lawn manicured, especially as you approach that first freeze. Not only will it look better, you’ll be preparing the lawn for immediate growth in the spring time. Keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp by using ExMark sharpening methods. Finally, if you have a sprinkler system, replace any broken parts so it will be ready to go when you press the on button next year.

Cleaning Up and Repairing The Outdoors For Winter

As we’ve discussed, you want your yard to be as clean and tidy as possible for the winter months. It will aid in snow removal, appearance, and preparation for February, March and April. Repair broken fences; replace equipment such as hoses or sill cocks that aren’t working properly; clean up outdoor sheds; pick up debris that has strayed and gathered. It is time to start thinking about how the yard will be ready for spring.

Taking care of these outdoor projects now, will make your life much easier in six months. You’ll be glad and super motivated that you can begin a new season by planning and planting, rather than excessive maintenance and clean up.

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