How To Use A Hose And Save Water

In most countries around the world, the first thing to happen whenever a period of drought is encountered is that a hosepipe ban is imposed. This isn’t a surprise, given that hosepipes are notorious for the volume of water they can waste. In fact, some pipes may have even more water pressure than normal that can causes excessive water use, if you want to lower your water pressure and don’t know how to do it without leaving your property without water then contact a plumber for assistance. Just about any residential plumbing service should be able to reliably assist you with this. This means that you can take your time and find a reliable and well-established professional with just a bit research.

However, using a hose on your garden doesn’t necessarily have to mean paying for excessive gallons of water coming out of your tap and heading straight back down the drain.


There are many ways to use a hose and save water. Here are the things you ought to keep in mind.

Target Where You Need to Water

If we were to create the stereotypical vision of a person using a hosepipe, then they’d be standing in the garden pointing it indiscriminately until every single area is dripping wet. Seeing water running down walls and fences, or out of the garden and into the path or road, is also a common occurrence.

The first thing to do is to get sensible with how and where you hose. You’d probably be surprised to discover that your plants don’t actually need that much water; you don’t need to simulate four hours of torrential rain to give your plants everything you need, and nor do you need to give the whole bed a good soaking; around the roots of each plant will do.

Buy a Hose Flow Controller

While older hosepipes have a range of flow settings enabling for water to be concentrated or spread out, they don’t offer anything in terms of actual water savings. A hose flow controller works in much the same way a shower flow controller or faucet aerator from the Agua Flux shop does, in that it reduces the flow by up to 50% while still leaving you able to use the product.

The key to using a hose flow controller is to not then stand for double the time so you use the same amount of water; it needs to be a proactive mission to reduce your consumption! Of course, you might already be mindful of the water you use on your garden, and this product will help you to further achieve your aims.

Use a Hose Trigger

Even if you use a hose flow controller, you have to consider the water you’re unnecessarily wasting when walking to and from the tap to turn it off. If you have concerns in that area and wish to reduce your water consumption even further, then you ought to use a hose trigger.

It may well be the case that you need to invest in a completely new hose, as many modern triggers won’t be suitable for older ones. However, the investment will be well worth it when you experience the water savings and reductions in your bill.

Water Savings in the Garden

Using your hose sensibly can make a massive difference to your water consumption, and in conjunction with showerheads and tap aerators from Agua Flux and other retailers, you’ll be in a position to use significantly less water than you are currently doing.

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