3 Top Paint Color Schemes Of 2013 From Benjamine Moore

A fresh coat of paint is a quick way to liven up any room in your home. If you’re thinking about how to redecorate your home to give it a more modern feel, you might want to consider Benjamin Moore paint for your interior paint project.

The top color trends for 2013 can help you find beautiful paint colors to make even the oldest home look new again.

Benjamine Moore interior color schemes

The Artisan color scheme from Benjamin Moore paint offers several striking Earth tones that can complement both rustic and modern furniture.

You can play with the colors in a few fun ways, such as choosing a darker tone for the ceiling to add warmth and depth to a room. You might also choose to paint one wall a different color than the others, creating an accent wall that serves as a focal point to the room.

The Artisan colors include deep grays and browns as well as lighter tones of beige and green, giving you a full palette of earthy paint colors to choose from.

If you want a fresh look but aren’t as willing to choose funky colors, you can rely on the updated line of New Traditional colors. The neutral tones of pearl, pale yellow and beige can ensure any room you repaint will hold up to any change in furniture or decor.

You can still add an accent wall with the deep blue offered in this color line, or you can opt for the light mauve for a nursery or little girl’s bedroom.

These premium paint colors are a great palette to use if you’re thinking about selling your home as they’re perfect neutral tones for potential homebuyers.

Benjamine Moore exterior color scheme

You might want to choose some fresh, bold color choices for the outside of your home to give it an updated look. If so, Benjamin Moore paint has a Colorful Craftsman architecture-inspired line of exterior paint that pairs deep greens, blues and purples to create the perfect exterior finish for your home. You can mix and match these colors for use on your trim and doors to create a truly unique look for any home.

You might even want to paint your window frames and shutters to create focal points for the exterior of your home, much in the way you can create a focal wall in the interior. These subtle touches will help make your home really stand out and can create the Craftsman look without adding any architectural details to the home.


If your paint project will call for primer, you should consider the Natura primer offered by Benjamin Moore paints. This zero-volatile, organic compound (zero-VOC) primer is quick to dry and has zero VOCs even after it’s been tinted.

You should talk to your painting contractor about this product and the pros and cons of using a primer in your paint project.

Remember to get an estimate from more than one contractor to keep your costs down when planning your painting project.

Whether you’re looking for exterior paints or interior paints, Benjamin Moore paint and paint products come in many different color choices to complement your home’s design. When you’re ready to get your project started, seek reputable painting contractors who can give you free estimates.

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