5 Unique Finishing Touches to Add to Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home, whether a major overhaul or something more modest, comes down to the details. A total remodel will remain incomplete without the right finishing touches. On a smaller scale, tired rooms with outdated decor can feel fresh again with the addition of creative accents or new custom cabinets.


A simple change of hardware such as doorknobs or handles can make a big difference. Pair those knobs with matching hinges to complete the look. Drawers and custom cabinets also benefit from new hardware, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or other parts of the home. These pieces can be purchased in home decor and remodeling stores, specialty hardware shops or even online.


Nothing impacts the look of a room or living space as dramatically as changing the lighting. This can be done by replacing existing light fixtures, adding new lights or using bulbs of varying brightness or hue. Track lighting, for example, allows you to illuminate certain areas or objects to best advantage. A well-placed gooseneck barn light provides a certain rustic charm, or you can transform it into a classy statement of unique taste and style using contemporary materials or colors.

Window Treatments

Whether curtains, valances, blinds, or shutters, no remodel is complete without addressing the windows. Window treatments (visit Southern Custom Shutters`s official website) come in an almost limitless selection of colors, patterns, materials, textures, and opacities. You may choose to let the sun in through a curtain of sheer cloth, or block it out with polished wooden blinds or shutters. Allow the windows to make a statement and you control the room’s mood.

Light Switch Covers

Practically ever room has light switches, and these can be used to add touches of color or even whimsy. Installing light switch covers with unique designs shows that you pay attention to every detail in your home. For less money than you might think, you can even design your own switch plates and let your creativity show through. Extend the theme to electrical outlet covers for even better flow.


Painting walls is a major undertaking, but you can make people think you have gone to all of that trouble simply by changing the baseboards. Giving baseboards a contrasting color to other decor in the room is effective, but replacing them completely with a whole new look and style really gets attention.

Updating your living space is a great way to enhance the comfort and value of your home. Major projects certainly have their impact, but it is the finishing touches that give a lasting impression.

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