Best Ways To Clean Your Garage Floor

Cleaning your garage floors can be a tedious task that requires hours of gritty work in a dusty, noxious environment. If you regularly maintain your garage, cleaning your floors doesn’t have to be quite as involved a task. The reality is, of course, that most people don’t take a huge interest in regularly cleaning their garage floors, so dirt, grease, oil, paint, chemicals, and other substances abound. Most garage floors are made out of cement, which is quite porous and easily absorbs liquids and dust. Garage floors get the dirtiest when they are not painted or otherwise sealed since the underlying cement is unprotected. Sure, you could just repaint your garage floor with diy epoxy paint, or leave an unfinished concrete floor after applying a concrete resurfacing overlay click here for more information. If you garage floor has tiles, it is very likely that you’ll also need to get grout cleaning services.

Where to Start

One of the best methods of cleaning a garage is to regularly sweep out the floors and keep the door closed to prevent outside debris from blowing in. Taking preventative steps from time to time to keep the filth to a minimum is the most effective long term cleaning solution. Even when it comes to the garage door, you can check out titangaragedoors for a safety lock. Giving your garage a good cleaning every once in a while will also help minimize the workload. To start, organizing the contents of your garage is crucial to maintaining a clean environment. If your clutter is overwhelming your garage space, you probably need to start by organizing the contents of the garage into storage bins and racks. Once the clutter is off the floor and out of the corners, you can start sweeping and cleaning the floor.

When it comes to the door, you can talk to experts and go to Chicago Garage Door for more. If your garage door needs repair, you may contact a company that provides garage door opener repair services.

Once all of the heavy dirt and debris has been swept out, you can begin removing grease and stains from the floor. One way to effectively remove grease, oil, and stains is to apply cat litter to the floor and allow it to absorb. You can then sweep it out with a stiff broom. This also scours the floor, removing some of the surface stains. This type of cleaning may require a couple of applications to fully clean the floor. Rinsing the floor with high power jets of water from a hose will also clear some of the residual grime. Once you do this, you can apply a heavy duty floor cleaning solution to finish the job. If you’re looking for a good pressure washing company in Wilmington NC then I highly recommend you give PowerTech Power Washing a call.

Any sort of cement cleaning solution should be adequate for cleaning your garage floors. Once you have completely rinsed the floor, apply the cleaning solution with a mop, and scrub it into the cement as much as possible to remove underlying grime. This will probably be the most unpleasant part of the job since you will have to ring out filthy, oily mop water every few minutes. After a thorough scrubbing your garage floor should be pretty well cleaned. Rinse with cold, pressurized water to flush the floor surface and get rid of any residual grime. Depending on just how dirty your garage floor is and how much time has passed since you last cleaned it, you may need to repeat some of these steps multiple times to fully clean the floor or even call in compliance services. From clearing clutter and sweeping to scrubbing the floor with cleaning solution, you garage floor is probably going to need a full pressure washing treatment to really shine.

Keep it Clean

Since most garage floors are made out of cement, the cleaning process applies pretty universally. For floors or portions of floors made from another material, you may need to adapt your approach to cleaning. This may mean using a particular solution that won’t damage the surface of the floor or maintaining regular cleanings to keep the floor looking nice and free of deterioration. When cleaning, always make sure to remove electrical equipment that may be damaged, and clear out hazardous chemicals and other items that can impede a thorough cleaning. Advanced Bio-Treatment can provide you crime scene cleanup services if tragedy strikes inside your home

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by Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn writes for A Plus Garage Doors, a Utah garage repair company, about how to maintain your garage. Ben has been working on getting his own garage cleaned out and ready for the winter and has seen firsthand how important it is to keep your garage consistently well-maintained instead of doing it all at once.

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