5 Signs You Need A Plumber Today

Plumbing systems are often taken for granted. When we notice small problems with our heating or our water flow, we generally tend to ignore these if they seem small or inconsequential enough for us to get on with our lives unaffected. However, according to United PLumbing Heating Air & Electric, smaller problems can sometimes develop into larger issues, and it’s always a good idea to nip a potential situation in the bud before it has a chance to develop into something worse.

Whether you live in an old home, or a new build – if you’re unsure, you should always call a plumber in to have a look. Although it might seem costly to get a plumber out just to check your system over, it could save you lots of money in repairs in the long run.

Here are some common problems which, although you might think they aren’t serious, may require professional help:

Chugging Pipes

If you hear a knocking sound when you run taps or flush a toilet in your home, it could mean that your water pipes aren’t fastened down properly, or that the fittings holding your pipes together have become loose. To avoid damage to your pipes, it’s always a good idea to call out a plumber to get to the root of this problem and secure any loose fixtures. When you need an emergency plumber it’s great to have one ready that you can trust as there is obviously no time to find one, we used this emergency plumber in East Kilbride a lot and keep going back to them as they are just so good so that’s a great example of that.

Leaky Faucets

When your taps are leak, you expend water you don’t need to. What’s more, this is usually down to weathered parts or fittings, meaning that the problem will only get worse. It might be tempting to have a go at fixing this problem yourself, but the chances are you need a specific part and expert plumbers to resolve the issue.

Blocked Sink

There are few things more annoying in life than a blocked sink. And again, you might think you can solve this problem by poking things down the plug hole, or taking apart fittings – but by doing this, you run the risk making the situation worse. Under sink fittings are small and fiddly, easy to lose and costly to replace. Don’t be a hero! Call a plumber.

Damp Floors

A squelching floor in the home is never a welcome experience. If the carpet in your living room or the lino in your kitchen is wet, then it may be a sign of a leaking pipe. Similarly, damp patches or cracks in your walls or ceiling may be an indication of the same thing. If you notice any of these signs, and you’ve ruled out structural issues such as rain getting in through your roof, get a professional out to check your plumbing.

Boiler Problems

Boilers need to be handled and treated with care. Not only are they responsible for providing hot water and heating to your home, but if a problem arises, they can leak carbon monoxide into the home and be dangerous. If you think your boiler is playing up, don’t take any chances. Turn it off, and get a plumber to come and look at it as soon as possible.

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This article is written by Steve who works as a DIY technician for Wharf Plumbing. Wharf Plumbing are Stoke based plumbers offering services across the UK. In his free time, Steve enjoys a spot of golf and playing snooker competitively.

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