Closet Tips: Six Steps for Creating a Closet You Will Love

closet tipsIt’s difficult to have a great start to the day, prepare for an evening out or pack for a weekend adventure when you get frustrated, searching for the clothing and accessories you need in a closet that is stuffed and disorganized. There are six simple tips you can follow to create a closet you will love.

Clear the Clutter

Most people with chaotic closets have articles of clothing, shoes and accessories in their closet that no longer wear and may have forgotten about. The first step to creating an organized closet is to remove everything from the closet. Sort the items into “keep it”, “toss it”, and “donate it” categories.

Assess Your Wardrobe

Take a good look at the items you plan to return to the closet. Mentally or physically make a sketch of the organizational plan you want to devise in your closet. There are numerous closet organizers available so you should be able to find a system that works for you. There are also plenty of tips online to help you come up with a plan.

The organizational process

Your organizational system should include double rods for hanging clothes, hooks for ties and belts and storage baskets or a chest with drawers for socks and other accessories. Sweaters should be folded and placed on shelves. You may also want to put some of your unique clothing such as the shirts you find at on open shelves in your closet.


In order to love your newly organized closet, you will need some type of lighting in there. Flush or semi-flush ceiling mount lighting may be sufficient. A mini chandelier would be a nice luxury to give yourself. A floor lamp or table lamp could suffice, if necessary.


You will want to include a floor length mirror in your closet design. This can be especially helpful if you share a master suite with someone, making it a rare occasion for you to get a chance to check out your appearance in the bathroom mirror.


If you have a walk-in closet, including a bench is a good idea. You will appreciate the convenience of having a place to sit down to put on your socks and shoes.

Opening the door to an organized closet can make the beginning of your day more pleasant and less hectic. It may take a little time to achieve the organization you desire, but it is well worth the effort.

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