Don’t Throw The Old Furniture, Reupholster It And Polish It Up

It is understandable that after a certain time every furniture set gets worn out and loses its durability. This is the stage where the furniture is quite vulnerable as it can break apart and lose its charm that it once used to have. But this does not mean that you dump the furniture as it has been in your family for generations. Thus, it holds some value to you somehow. Better would be to reupholster it and get it polished so that it can start a new life in your home.

Benefits of revamping old furniture

One of the primary benefits attached to furniture upholstery your old furniture is the costs involved. Shelling out on a new piece of furniture will cost you much more than getting your old furniture repaired and polished and this is the reason why people nowadays are more inclined towards giving a makeover to their old furniture instead of just throwing it away.

Furthermore, there are people who are quite emotionally attached to the furniture as it has been in the family for generations and this is the reason why dumping it due to its weariness comes as a hard decision to them. Thus, taking your old furniture to the nearest furniture shop and getting it polished will be a wise decision. Furthermore, during the process of reupholstering, a chemical is brushed on the surface which helps in improving the quality of wood.

Changing the design of the furniture

An added advantage to reupholstering your old furniture is that you can alter the design of the set as well. Let us say the reason why you wanted to dump your old furniture was its design which was quite old school and this coaxed you to take the decision. This is quite common amongst those who want to give a new look to their old furniture and not dump them. Maybe the cost of giving it a new design will be a little more than just polishing it but it will still be less than the cost of brand new furniture.

Wood can be carved in any way as per the expertise of the furniture maker. So all you need to do is take your old furniture to a furniture shop and select one of the many designs that are available to you.

The process of polishing old furniture

Polishing gives a brand new look to the furniture altogether. In this process, a liquid is brought in contact with the piece of furniture and is brushed all over the surface. This gives an additional layer of paint to the furniture and kills the termites that infest the wood. Termites feed on wood and make the whole structure of the furniture weak which is why you must revamp your furniture every 3-4 years so that it can last longer.

Thus, if you have a piece of furniture that has lost its charm and is on the verge of being dismantled, then get it polished for a reasonable price.

This article is penned by Jenny Denver, an established interior decorator. She shares easy home and office d├ęcor tips through her articles. She says before you buy new bedroom furniture you must decide a particular theme for it.

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