DIY Home Makeovers: Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home

In the past, choosing flooring for homes only meant choosing carpeting. These days, there are various types of flooring that anyone can choose and lay out on their own, you can soundproof floor without hiring a professional, plus, it is a lot easier to find Floor Sales online. Before you make a quick decision as to what type of flooring to invest in, you need to make an informed choice to ensure that you get the best quality vinyl flooring that you will be comfortable with terms of cleaning and maintaining.

  • Carpets

This the most popular floor covering made from synthetic materials, wool or a combination of the two. Carpets are available in an array of styles, colors and thickness, so you can easily find one that is suited for your home and needs. They are cheap, easy to cut, fit any room and lay out on your own. Not only are carpets comfortable to sit on, but they can also deaden echo. However, the durability of the carpet will depend on the quality and type of weave used, and the more expensive, the better the quality it is. Larger rooms will feel warm and cozy with rich dark colors, while small rooms will feel bigger with light colors.

  • Linoleum

Linoleum is also available in different styles, thickness and colors. It is made from a combination of oils, resin and gum. The modern techniques used to produce linoleum make it highly durable and easy to lay out. Linoleum is preferred engineered flooring in many homes as it provides a certain level of cushioning to the floor, while requiring easy cleaning and maintenance. However, when it is constantly left damp moisture can get underneath it and rot quickly.

  • Wood

Hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity in many modern homes. In the past wood flooring where shunned by well off folks and covered wood floors with carpets. Today, wood floors are considered incredibly stylish and sophisticated. When your flooring is already made out of wood, simply clean the boards and have them treated with varnish or stain. If you prefer to have laminated wood flooring, lay a protective underlay which can help improve the life of the flooring while increasing insulation.

  • Fiber Matting

Fiber matting is often made from seagrass or sisal and not quite comfortable to walk on barefoot. Nevertheless, this type of flooring is very ideal for hallways and they are available in an array of weaving and colors. It is cost effective flooring, easy to clean and hide stains.

  • Vinyl

This flooring is very easy to clean as vinyl is resistant to oils and highly waterproof, it’s usually one of the most pet friendly floors. Vinyl is available in different patterns and colors, and it is highly ideal for kitchens. Thick vinyl plank flooring will feel cushioned and warm, but thinner vinyl flooring will feel cold and hard. It is very easy to cut and fit, but mistakes must be avoided as it will require plenty of effort to remove.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can make a home look stylish and sophisticated as they are available in various colors and styles. Glazed tiles can repel dirt and moisture, but unglazed tiles will require washing regularly as they can absorb oils. You need a firm floor to lay out ceramic tiles and precise application.

Once You Have Decided …

Once you have decided on the type of flooring you will be using, remember that you need to remove all furniture and appliances from the room first before working. You can either store them in your garage or in storage until you have completed laying out your flooring. Your furniture and appliances can also accumulate dust while you work, so placing them in storage will keep them safe and clean. This will allow you to have a clear clean space to work with for accurate work.

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